The Beauty Within

The other day I passed by the Sabra tree here in Israel and I noticed that it was in bloom.  We have been living here for a little under a year now so this was my first time experiencing and witnessing the seasons changing along with the cycles of the plants and flowers here.

Every single time I passed the prickly pear cactus tree all I saw was just that – prickly pears.  I once tried to touch one of the leaves and I was badly pricked.  (I guess I should have realized that – but the explorer in me wanted to find out for myself.)  After I was pricked I never really stopped to take notice of the popular tree that grows everywhere here in Israel.  It just fell to the background with the rest of the dessert scenery where I live.

But the other day as I walked along the usual path I take to get to the local supermarket I looked up and I was struck by the beautiful soft flowers growing out of this tough and untouchable plant.

I stopped and walked toward the tree to take a closer look.


The tree on the outside looked the same – not greener than usual and still very prickly.  But in the middle of each leaf shown a soft, yellow, bright flower.

I stood there in amazement and realized something.

What may look hard, tough, “ugly”, and untouchable on the outside can be filled with beauty and grace on the inside.  The beauty, however, only emerges in its proper time and season – when it has what it requires to bloom.

There are times when we come across people and all we can see are their faults and their roughness.  It is so much easier to focus on what is wrong with the person, as opposed to looking for things that are positive and special – especially with the people closest to us.

Sometimes people do not even realize how much beauty is inside of them.  Sometimes these people are only seen for their faults, bad behavior, poor schoolwork,and may be literally told that they are good for nothing.

How can someone see the beauty inside of themselves if all everyone else sees and points out are their faults?


Today, take the time to take notice of only the positive qualities in the people you truly care about.  Instead of noticing their faults, stop yourself, and instead think of something positive, loving and encouraging to say to that person…and then say it.

Sit down to make a list of all the positive qualities you see in the people you care most about (including yourself!)  Look at that list once a day for two weeks.

Share your ‘findings’ with your loved ones on a regular basis.

Help them to see the beauty that is within them so that they too can bloom and thrive.


Get R.E.A.L. –

Respect yourself; find

Encouragement within;

Appreciate your unique gifts and strengths;

Love yourself…unconditionally!

Stay REAL.


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  1. Regina

    The prickly pears (opuntia)here are blooming too. I spent this afternoon planting some we’ve had in a pot for too long, along with some pointy mean looking agaves. They now line our walk to the mailbox.
    We have numerous prickly pears at the nursery where I work. We have all been attacked by them at some time or another. They have been moved to the upper greenhouse which is closed except to employees. They are gorgeous now, and few people see them. I hate to move them, and get pricked , or ask any of my fellow co-workers to do so. Thus they remain unseen at their showiest time. Some of the paddles turn red or purple during certain times of the year, also beautiful. Matthew and I have always admired these plants. They propagate themselves when a paddle falls to the ground, where it becomes dry, forms a callous, and eventually sends a root out of the callous in search of water. Perhaps there is a lesson somewhere there too…
    I am enjoying you posts, and hope you are all well, healthy & happy.
    Love, Regina

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