The 3 C’s to Building Better Relationships (and Your Business)

As I am growing my business while working with others to help them improve their relationships, I realize that the same concepts apply to both building a business and to building better relationships. I refer to this conceptual approach as … Continued

Time, Balance & Relationships: Tips for You Based on My Own Learning

I am my own first client.  I have struggles just like you.  I get stressed, overwhelmed, feel tired, get stuck, and sometimes lose track of what matters to me most.  When I feel this way, I luckily have the tools … Continued

What We All Really Need: Raffi (and Abraham Maslow) Get it Right.

In last week’s post, I wrote about the significant role the parent-child relationship plays in preventing at-risk behavior in our children.  This week I want to focus on the simple, most basic, foundational needs of any healthy parent-child relationship. Abraham … Continued

The Parent-Child Relationship as a Defense Against Bullying and At-Risk Behavior

Our hearts break and we feel so helpless when we hear stories about how our children are ridiculed, abused, called names, taunted OR engage in risky behavior, such as drug use, risky sexual exploration and/or self mutilation. What can we … Continued