What if these were our last days, weeks, months, years…here on Earth?

yoloAs the new (Jewish) year approaches, I am having thoughts about the upcoming year and, just as I do every year around this time, I feel just a bit daunted about what the Creator of the World has in store for me this coming year.

In recent days I have been thinking (and I mention this not to be depressing, at all, but rather, to share my real thoughts with you), ‘Well, what if these last few days, weeks, months, years, were to be my last on this Earth?’  ‘What would I do differently if that were the case?’  ‘What would I wish for, expect, plan or look forward to?’ 

Here are my answers to those questions so far.

I would:

  • Appreciate each and every single moment I had with any and each of my loved ones.
  • Make time to have separate, uninterrupted, quality time with each of my love ones.
  • Take things in stride.
  • Laugh, dance, and sing every day.
  • Love more.
  • Argue and fight less.
  • Go out and have fun.
  • Go paragliding.
  • Breathe more deeply, more often.
  • Be calmer.
  • Write the book(s) I have been meaning to write without fear.
  • Create a bucket list of things I want to do and then do them.
  • Be kinder.
  • Give everyone, especially those closest to me, the benefit of the doubt.
  • Have a deeper appreciation for the incredible scenery, colors and smells that surrounded me.
  • Be present all of the time.

So, now, I ask myself: Why not just do these things NOW?’

Interesting how these thoughts (and, what I now realize is an exercise I have created) have led to my personal plan for the upcoming year.  Funny how that happened.

Perhaps when we are presented with these real life questions, we are able to see more clearly what is really important to us.  Perhaps that is the purpose of this day of judgment that is upon us.

What if you were to take the time to ask yourself these questions?  What would your answers be?  Perhaps the answers you come up with will provide you with clarity and your plans and goals for this upcoming year.


Wishing all of us a year filled with blessings, happiness, good health, clarity, inner peace, confidence, the fulfillment of our personal and professional goals, and success in all that we courageously and authentically set out to accomplish.

~ Jenny

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