How I Literally Gave Birth to My Vision. (And How You Can Too.)

A little over ten months ago I gave birth to my fourth child.  Childbirth, in my experience is both incredible, and incredibly intense.  As one of the nurses I once went to commented: “It’s called labor for a reason!” In … Continued

Becoming a Master of Love, Part 3: Becoming a Master at Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

And now for the final post in our series for how to become a Master of Love in your relationships.  [Check out this article to find out where it all began.] In parts 1 and 2 of practical tools for … Continued

Becoming a Master of Love, Part 2: Becoming a Master Giver

Last week I wrote about the first key tool in becoming a Master of Love (i.e. someone who is really awesome at building healthy and successful relationships), which was learning and practicing how to be a great listener.  [Click here … Continued