Monday Motivation: Unload the Old & Invite in the New

  We tend to hold on to things that we don’t really require anymore. Perhaps we hold on to them because we are lazy, or perhaps it is because sometimes getting rid of something old is hard to do. Sometimes … Continued

Love Tip Tuesday: Be Present

  In yesterday’s Monday Motivation blog post, I wrote about taking control over your time, instead of allowing your time to control you. [Click here to read yesterday’s post.] In today’s post I will address how to make the most of … Continued

Monday Motivation: Take Control of Your Time

How often do you find yourself saying the following about ‘time’?   “There just isn’t enough time!” “Time is flying!” “I don’t have any time!” “Time is running out!”   When you talk about time this way, what you are … Continued

Love Tip Tuesday: Say AND not But.

    “I love you, but I hate it when you do that.” “Thank you, but you really shouldn’t have…” “You’re a really thoughtful and caring person, but I don’t think we are right for each other.” “I hear what … Continued

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