Monday Motivation: Keep Going!

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“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” the popular saying by William Edward Hickson goes.

It is very reasonable and understanding to want to quit or give up when pursuing our life, career, health, and even relationship goals. It takes strong will, determination, commitment, dedication, patience and belief (in ourselves and in what we are setting out to accomplish) to keep moving forward. This all can be especially hard to maintain when we are not yet seeing the results of the fruits of our labor or after having experienced repeated rejection or disappointment.

If this has been your experience, keep going. If you really believe in what you are doing and in what you would like to accomplish, don’t give up. Keep moving forward. Use your experience with rejection or making mistakes as information. Take that information and ask yourself what you can learn about yourself or your approach moving forward. Perhaps there is something you are required to change about yourself and/or your approach, or perhaps you are putting your efforts in the wrong direction. Or perhaps nothing is wrong with how you are doing things and you simply are required to keep on moving and believing in yourself and in your desired goal.

The key to your success (besides what I have already mentioned above) is consistency and getting the support you require as you continue pursuing your goals and moving forward.

In support and in awe of all that you are and are capable of accomplishing,



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