Monday Motivation: Unload the Old & Invite in the New

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We tend to hold on to things that we don’t really require anymore. Perhaps we hold on to them because we are lazy, or perhaps it is because sometimes getting rid of something old is hard to do. Sometimes holding on to old things serves as a crutch or an excuse for us to not make the changes we know in our hearts we are required to make in our lives.

These old things we hold onto can be anything. They can be physical, like the old, worn out clothes that do no fit us anymore; the items that take up space in our closets, our cars or our homes; or the jobs that bring us little or no fulfillment.

These old things we hold onto might also be people in our lives that drag us down, or unhealthy relationships we hold onto out of fear of being alone.

These old things can be the painful or stressful thoughts that we have. It can be the anger or blame that we are holding onto; or past mistakes that we have not forgiven ourselves for.

When we hold onto these old things, the things that do not serve us well in our lives anymore, we allow these things to take up precious space in our homes, in our body, and in our hearts.

If you are holding on to anything ‘old’ or ‘worn out’ in your life, be it items that no longer ‘fit’ you, unhealthy relationships that drag you down, or emotions that no longer benefit you, it may be time to let them go.

Just as old clothes take up space in our closet, leaving us very little, if any space for new clothes, holding on to these no-longer-beneficial items, relationships or thoughts hold us back from moving forward and experiencing the happiness, fulfillment, and success that we deserve.

By letting go of these old items, we make room for new and better things to enter our lives.


What is it time for you to let go of?


As always, please be in touch anytime with any questions or comments you have.  You can reach me directly here or by filling out the form below.

In support of and in awe of all that you are,





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