How to Be the Creator of Your Life

  I am currently reading the book “The Path of Least Resistance” by Robert Fritz. In the book, Fritz makes the distinction between those who respond or react to their circumstances (an un-ending cycle of attempting, but never fully succeeding, … Continued

Monday Motivation: Feeling Really Frustrated with Your Studies or Career Direction? Ask Yourself This Question.

  Are you feeling stressed or anxious about your current studies or career direction (or lack thereof)?  If so, you might want to ask yourself an important question.   Are you living in line with your values?   This question … Continued

Love Tip Tuesday: Should All of Your Emotional Needs Be Met By Your Partner Alone?

  Are you wondering whether or not all of your emotional needs should be met by your one loving partner? If so, your question is a good one. There is the feeling or expectation that once we are in an … Continued

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