Monday Motivation: Instead of “I Can’t!”, Ask: “What is Possible?”



The words we use impact the way we feel and behave. When we say things like “I can’t do this!”, “There is no solution. That’s it, I’m doomed.”, or “There is nothing I can do!” we start to feel anxious and stressed. The reason for this is that speaking in this way makes us feel that we have absolutely no control. This feeling of no control is what produces the feelings of stress, anxiety, and helplessness that we feel, keeping us stuck and feeling powerless in our given circumstances.


How can you, then, get yourself unstuck and move forward when you are feeling this way?


Instead of telling yourself that you can’t or that there is nothing you can do, change your focus and ask yourself open-ended questions, like: What can I do? What is possible? And What will I do? 


Be honest with yourself about the things that you may not know how to do, or the things that are not in your control, but do not stop there. Take the next step and ask yourself: Now what? What do I want for myself in this situation? What can I do to create that? What will I do starting today?


Asking yourself these questions will start to break down the barriers that are keeping you feeling stuck, stressed, and anxious and open up new ways for you to deal with your given circumstance or situation. These open-ended “Now what?” questions will help you regain control, empower you to take action, and move forward.


How can you apply asking yourself “What can I do?” and “What will I do?” questions in your professional life?  

How can asking these questions benefit your personal relationships?


I look forward to hearing your answers!


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