Love Tip Tuesday: Take Time for Yourself So That You Can Be Better at Your Relationships

  Wondering about how to balance giving to yourself and giving to others?   Sometimes it is hard to discern which is more important – making time for you, or making time for the people you care most about. Giving … Continued

Are We (to be) Defined By Our Experiences?

    Recently I gave a TEDx talk where I shared my message encouraging all of us to define ourselves by WHO we are, and not what we are. In my talk I noted my belief that “when we define … Continued

Love Tip Tuesday: The Love You Feel You Deserve is the Love You Will Receive

  Often when we are having trouble in our relationships or attracting wrong and unloving people to us, we put the blame on the other or outside circumstances. We do this because it is easier to find other excuses or … Continued