Monday Motivation: Keep Going! Lessons Learned from the Success of the Humans of New York Blog

  I recently read this article about how the incredibly popular blog Humans of New York (HONY) became the success that it is today. I was inspired by the courage and commitment of Brandon Stanton, creator of the blog, to … Continued

My Open Letter to Ronda Rousey: You Are So Much More than “Nothing”

  Dear Ms. Rousey, I just watched a clip of your interview with Ellen DeGeneres on I read about your upset in the news and about how you thought about killing yourself after you lost your fight against Holly … Continued

Why Be Yourself?

  The best thing you can do for yourself – your life, your career and your relationships – is to be yourself. That is your guaranteed path to your unique success in everything that you do.   Everything you require … Continued

Monday Motivation: Be Someone You and Other People Can Trust

  All healthy personal and professional relationships are built on the foundation of trust between all those involved. Trusting yourself is also important, especially if you want to feel confident in yourself with regards to following through on those things … Continued

Monday Motivation: Why You Feel Overwhelmed and the Simple Things You Can do to Stop It.

  Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed?   Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the things you feel you must get done? Are you feeling overwhelmed because you have no clue which life or career direction to follow?   … Continued