Monday Motivation: You Are More Clear About Your Life Direction than You Think You Are



You might think you are lost, but you are probably less lost than you think you are.


It is more likely that you are afraid to admit what you want. It is also more likely that you are feeling unsure of yourself. You might also be confused because you think you know what you want for yourself: your life, your career, and/or your relationships, but other people have been telling you what they think you should do, and you have their voices in your head instead of your own.


The good news is that the answers to knowing what is right for you and for knowing what you want are all inside of you. You may have been looking outside of yourself for the answers, which is why you might be confused or are feeling lost. When you take the time to listen to yourself and hear what your inner voice is telling you, you will find that you are more clear than you thought you were.


Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you reconnect with and hear what your inner voice is telling you about what is right for you. You can apply these questions to helping you get clarity about what you want for your life, in general, or apply them specifically to what you want for your career or your relationships.


  • Who do I want to be? This is more of a fundamental question referring to how you want to be in your life, in general. Some examples of answers to this question might include: happy, fulfilled, healthy, giving, successful, and/or nurturing.


  • What are my Primary Goals? This is a question about your bigger life goals (again, you can apply this question to specific areas of your life, such as your career, and your relationships.) Some examples might include:
    • “I want to build a thriving personal business where I am helping others.”
    • “I want to have a family and a loving home where everyone is accepted, respected, and heard.”
    • “I want to have a vacation home where we get away to for two weeks out of every year.”
    • “I want to run the marathon.”

You can write as many Primary Goals as you want. These can be more immediate or long-term goals.                Note that your Primary goals help you to fulfill your Fundamental goals.


  • What do I have to do to? This is a question we often mistakenly ask ourselves first without first taking the time to think about and clarify our Fundamental and Primary goals. It is often the reason for why we get tripped up, confused, and overwhelmed about what to do next in our life. The good news is that once you get clear on your Fundamental and Primary Goals (i.e. what is most important to you) you will more naturally understand what it is you have to do to get there, and your will more naturally get up and do those things that will help you reach your goals (because these goals are what you most want and are what is most real for you.) If you have trouble following through on what you have to do to reach your goals, ask yourself if what you chose as your goals are those things that you truly want – and not what you think someone else wants for you. You might also consider discovering what your unique approach and strengths are to helping you get things done.


I encourage you to make a date with yourself and ask yourself the above questions. When you do you will find that you are more clear about what direction to move forward in than you thought you were.


Enjoy and be in touch with any questions. You can reach me directly here or at or leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you!


In support and admiration,





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