Monday Motivation: 3 Tips to Empower You to Apply for that Job or Summer Internship You Don’t Feel 100% Qualified for.



You read the job description and you are feeling a little nervous because you are not quite sure you have all of the experience they are looking for in a candidate (OR you do and you are just feeling really nervous about applying anyway.)


Here are a few tips that might encourage (and hopefully) empower you to apply for that job anyway, and have an awesome interview, as well.


If you have been reading my blog, you are aware by now that all of my work with young professionals is based on my belief that we are successful at what we do when we are authentic to who we are and when we are doing what we can based on what IS in our control. The tips I am about to share are an outgrowth of this belief.


Tip #1: Focus on What You Know (and not on what you do not know.) You might find that you are getting stuck thinking about all the things you do not (yet) know how to do, or the things that you do not (yet) know. Having these things in mind are likely making you feel anxious and afraid to even apply for the job. Even though this job or internship you would like to apply for is something you would be really interested in doing, you might not even consider applying because of the ‘lack’ of experience you think you have. This type of thinking will keep holding you back. If you want to move forward, focus instead on what you DO know. What are the things you DO know how to do? What are the things you know you are capable of? What experience DO you have?


Tip #2: Define Yourself By WHO You Are. This tip is an upgrade of Tip #1. Defining yourself by WHO you are means shifting the focus away from what you do (or do not do) and instead focusing on and defining yourself by your qualities. Qualities are those things inside of you that are the motivating factor for why you choose to do the things that you do. An example of a Quality vs. an Accomplishment (i.e. something you do) is Committed vs. Doing all of my work (‘committed’ is the quality and ‘doing all of my work’ is the accomplishment.) By defining yourself by your qualities (as opposed to your accomplishments) you will recognize that even if and when you might not (yet) know how to do a specific task, what you DO know is that because of WHO you are (your qualities), you are capable of doing that task. Feeling confident of what you are capable of doing will also give you the confidence to apply for the job or internship you want and present yourself with confidence in the interview, as well.


Tip #3: Focus on What IS in Your Control. The only thing that you can do is to be and do your best; and only YOU know what that is. You have no control about whether or not others decide to hire you for the job or internship you are applying for. What you DO have control over is how you prepare and present yourself at your interview.


Wishing you the best of luck as you get out there and offer your gifts and talents to the world!


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