Monday Motivation: How to Make Everyday a Good Day.

  Sometimes you might feel that others around you, or the circumstances happening around you, are making you feel a certain way. While this is true to a certain extent I would like to encourage and empower you with the … Continued

Are You Constantly Looking for Reassurance at Work? Here is What You Need to Do…

  She came into my office and started to tell me how miserable she was feeling at work. My client described a situation where she is constantly comparing herself to and in competition with her co-workers, constantly looking for affirmation … Continued

Love Tip of the Week: Tell Your Partner What You Want. Don’t Make Him/Her Guess!

  Even though you think your partner might know what you are feeling; and even though you think your partner might know what you are thinking, there’s a good chance your partner might have no clue at all.   You … Continued

Monday Motivation: Speak Positively About Yourself!

  Do you find yourself apologizing for yourself a lot? Do you find that you tend to focus more on what you are doing wrong or do not yet know how to do, instead of all that you do well … Continued