Life Success Tip for Young Professionals: Be Average

  I watched a Simon Sinek video the other day. In his talk about how to love your work he brought up the concept of success. ‘Who is successful?’ he asks.   Sinek brings up the student who is considered … Continued

Are You a Young Professional Who Is Feeling Off Track in Your Work? Here’s How to Get Re-Focused.

Are you are feeling distracted or off track in your job, studies, or your business?   I feel this way sometimes too.   Here is what I do and what you can do, too, to help you get re-focused, re-motivated, … Continued

Having Relationship Problems? Ask Yourself this One Question Before Trying to Fix It.

If you are experiencing trouble in your relationship, you might be wondering what to do next. You might want to explore what your options are: how and if to work on making your relationship better, or calling it quits in … Continued

Blaming Yourself Again? Here’s How to Break that Cycle.

“Why did I do that?!” “Why have I not figured this out already?!” “Why did that happen to me?!” “Why were my parents not there for me in the way I needed them to be?!” “Why do I keep making … Continued