Life Success Tip for Young Professionals: Take Action


She came up with her goals, she defined exactly what these goals meant to her, and then got clear on what she knew she was required to do to reach her goals. “The next step is to take action!” my client exclaimed. “Yes it was, ” I agreed.


It is one thing to talk about and get clear on what you want to do, it is a whole other thing to actually DO those things that will help you reach your goals. I tell my clients that there are three phases in our coaching work together. The first phase is the awareness phase. In this phase you become aware of and acknowledge your situation. The next phase is taking personal responsibility. In this phase, you recognize what is in your control and take personal responsibility for making the changes you wish to see. The final phase is taking action. In this phase you get moving, doing those things to create change and reach your personal or professional goals. It is in this phase where the most learning takes place and where results are felt, because ultimately, yes, action does speak louder than words.


There is something about doing what we said we were going to do that serves as a wake up call to our bodies. Taking action revives and re-motivates us. As my client pointed out in her ‘I need to take action’ realization, NOT taking action and staying in the space of thinking about what needed to be done put her in, what she called, ‘a depressive mood.’ Taking action helps us to break out of our anxious or depressive moods because we are taking charge and feel more in control. We are not thinking about what we think should be happening. We are DOING something to create change and to move forward.


How about you?

What have you been sitting on lately?

Do you have an idea about the things you want to do?

Are you aware of what is required of you to do to get to where you want to be personally, professionally, or in your relationships?


What action are you taking?


Be in touch to let me know.


In support and admiration,



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