Monday Motivation for Young Professionals: Apply Your Unique Approach and You Will Succeed


In many of my initial meetings with new clients, these new clients tell me of the difficulty they have in choosing their life or career direction, and the difficulty they experience in following through on their commitments and goals. They say that they have tried many of the tips suggested to them either by friends and family members, or some that they have read in popular self-help books. The problem is, they say, is that these tips don’t stick. Perhaps there is nothing else they can do, these clients wonder, feeling discouraged and a failure compared to everyone else they know.


Do you have the problem of trying so many suggested approaches to help you succeed and find that they are not working for you?


I have a theory that I share with these new clients that I will share with you. My theory is that the reason these tips do not stick is because they are not uniquely catered to the unique way in which you do things. I believe that you have a unique way of approaching life in a way that works for you. I believe that once you discover your unique way of doing the things that you do, you can apply your unique way to how you discover your career or relationship direction and follow through on your goals with success.


One example of this is when I was working with a client who was not following through on her daily tasks. Feeling like a failure, she thought there was no hope for her. Watching her peers succeed in following through (with what seemed like so much ease) on their goals, she felt discouraged.


Together we discovered what worked for her; what she had done in the past to follow through with success. She realized that she did have her own way of doing things, and that her way was the right way for her. After applying this same approach that helped her succeed in other projects to the tasks she was currently involved in, she followed through on these new tasks with success, as well.


I am not a fan of cookie cutter solutions.

You are a unique individual with your unique way of doing things.

Sure, you can learn from others, or from other resources, about solutions, and even apply them. My suggestion to you is to add your unique way to how  you apply these tips and tools. When you infuse your unique approach to how you do the things that you do, you will have success. Your success with following through will stick because you are applying an approach that is authentic to you.


How can you begin the journey of discovering your unique approach to how how you live, love, and work?


Start thinking about your nature, your qualities, your values and your beliefs. Taking the time to reconnect with your self in this way will help you discover the approach that is unique to you and right for you in helping you follow through on your life, career, or relationship goals with success.


In support, admiration, and in awe of all that you are,


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