Are you afraid?

I meet so many people who are afraid.

Afraid to get out there and look for a job.

Afraid to start their own business.

Afraid to dream for what they truly want for themselves.

And to them (and to you if this is you) I say this:


You deserve all the wonderful things that you desire.

You are just as deserving as everyone else on the planet.


You have all of these incredible gifts, talents, strengths and ideas to share with the world and the world needs you to share them.

If you don’t share them, we don’t get to benefit from all that you have to share.

So please do get out there.

And if you feel you require support to do so, that’s perfectly understandable. Remember that we ALL require support to get out there and succeed.

Never be ashamed to reach out and ask for the support that you require.

In support and admiration,

~ Jenny

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