"We are successful at what we do when we are authentic to who we are."

This is the philosophy that guides us and all the work that we do and the programs, training, workshops, talks, and consulting that we offer at UnleashingU!

This philosophy is based on the belief that we live, love and lead with confidence, clarity and success in our life, our jobs, and our relationships when we are being, relating, and working in alignment with who we are – which includes our nature, values, beliefs, and our needs.

In every program we offer, getting to know and understand yourself is at the heart, and teaching you and empowering you with essential leadership and relationship skills sets you on a path to success in all that you do.

Jenny Sassoon sharing her message to define ourselves
by 'Who We Are', not 'What' we are, at Tedx Jerusalem

Our Services Include

Personalized Professional Direction Coaching

Discover your professional direction and purpose. Learn how to create fulfillment for yourself at work and in your personal life. Build a firm foundation for success in your career and relationships through learning how to be proactive, make the right choices and communicate effectively. 

Authentic-Based Leadership Training

You are a leader. Learn how to be an authentic and successful leader by understanding and unleashing your unique leadership style based on your nature, approach, talents, values and beliefs. Gain skills to be proactive, take action, build relationships and communicate with confidence. 

Relationship / Communication Empowerment

Gain the foundational tools and essential skills for building healthy, strong and successful personal and professional relationships. Learn how to  communicate effectively and with confidence at work and with family, friends, and your intimate partner. 

Personalized Consulting for Startup Founders & CEOs

Enjoy value-based support, coaching and guidance that honors you, your values, your mission and your goals. Learn authentic-based strategies to help you make the right hiring and development choices for you and your company. Gain foundational leadership and relationship skills to ensure that you lead effectively and with confidence.

Workshops and Talks

Workshops and talks are provided to both small and large audiences and teams and are offered in companies, organizations, universities, and communities.

Topics include:

Workshops & talks can also be designed and customized to meet the needs and desires of your audience.