4 Steps to Take to Make Great Choices in 2018

  Happy 2018!   It’s January 1st and we are at the start of a new year.   You might have some important choices to make with regards to your life, your career, or your relationships this coming year. I … Continued

Jenny’s Fail-Proof Tips for Helping You Get Gift-Giving Right this Holiday

  What does it mean to “give”?   When we give to someone else, is it with the intention of getting something back in return? Is a ‘thank you’ or a gesture from the the person you have given to … Continued

What are Your Fears Holding You Back From?

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Do You Know About the Woman in the Attic?

Have you ever heard about the woman in the attic? You know, that woman who hides parts of herself to make her relationship work? I know of a few women like this and this is one of their stories. I … Continued

Monday Motivation: How a Jar of Marbles Can Help You Let Go of Whatever is Weighing You Down

  A friend of mine shared this story with me the other day. A professor walked into his classroom holding a jar of marbles. He placed the jar on his desk. The students in the class were certain that the … Continued

Monday Motivation: Feeling Really Frustrated with Your Studies or Career Direction? Ask Yourself This Question.

  Are you feeling stressed or anxious about your current studies or career direction (or lack thereof)?  If so, you might want to ask yourself an important question.   Are you living in line with your values?   This question … Continued