Why Be Yourself?

  The best thing you can do for yourself – your life, your career and your relationships – is to be yourself. That is your guaranteed path to your unique success in everything that you do.   Everything you require … Continued

Are We (to be) Defined By Our Experiences?

    Recently I gave a TEDx talk where I shared my message encouraging all of us to define ourselves by WHO we are, and not what we are. In my talk I noted my belief that “when we define … Continued

Do You Know About the Woman in the Attic?

Have you ever heard about the woman in the attic? You know, that woman who hides parts of herself to make her relationship work? I know of a few women like this and this is one of their stories. I … Continued

Monday Motivation: How a Jar of Marbles Can Help You Let Go of Whatever is Weighing You Down

  A friend of mine shared this story with me the other day. A professor walked into his classroom holding a jar of marbles. He placed the jar on his desk. The students in the class were certain that the … Continued

Monday Motivation: Don’t Change Yourself, BE Yourself.

Sometimes my clients, upon beginning our work together, fear that they might have to change the core of who they are in order to be successful and to accomplish their life, career, and relationship goals. I understand this fear and … Continued

Monday Motivation: If You Don’t Like Something, Change It.

  When we spend time critically looking at our lives, our environment (both in-person and online) or reading the news, it is easy to become very judgmental. Furthermore, it is easier to blame everything and everyone else around us for … Continued