Monday Motivation: Stop ‘Trying’, Start Committing

“I’ll try to get it to you by tomorrow.” “I’ll try to be in touch.” “I’ll try to get it done.” When it comes to commitment, “try” is that lovely word that keeps that back door open and serves as … Continued

Monday Motivation: Be the Change

  When we pay closer attention to our environment and to all that happens in our relationships, we recognize that we actually have very little (if any) control over anyone or anything else, but ourselves. This being the case, how … Continued

Monday Motivation: You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Get Started

Often we might think that in order to get started, we must be perfectly ready to go.  This attitude and approach might be the thing that is keeping you stuck or lagging behind in you reaching your goals. Instead of … Continued

Finding My Voice: My Journey to Personal Freedom, Joy & Success

In my early 20’s I had two recurring nightmares. One was of me finally having the opportunity to confront some people in my life who had hurt me. The other was of me driving a car that gets out of … Continued

How to Stand Out from the Crowd & Get Business or that Job Coming to You

I went to my favorite hair salon yesterday morning to get my much needed haircut.  There are many other salons in the shopping complex this salon is located in, but I have never given any of them much attention.  There … Continued

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