Having Relationship Problems? Ask Yourself this One Question Before Trying to Fix It.

If you are experiencing trouble in your relationship, you might be wondering what to do next. You might want to explore what your options are: how and if to work on making your relationship better, or calling it quits in … Continued

Love Tip of the Week: Not Everyone is Capable of Being in a Healthy Relationship

  I spend a lot of time in my work with clients talking about relationships. As young professionals who want to be sure they are making the right decisions for themselves when it comes to both their career and their … Continued

Love Tip Tuesday: Don’t Compromise on Your Values Just to Be in a Relationship

  I was around 19 years old when I got into my first serious and committed relationship. I knew that I was not ready to get married, but I also knew that I wanted to experience my first serious relationship, … Continued

To Get What You Want in Life, Love & Work: Be Super Clear

  When it comes to you looking for a job or finding the one you want to date (and even marry), never, ever assume that those around you, including your friends, family, and colleagues know exactly what (or who) you … Continued