Monday Motivation for Young Professionals: Stop Trying to be the Best or Better than. Do this Instead.

[Scroll down to watch me share the back story to this tip.]   Do you find yourself competing with others around you either at work or in your own personal life? Are you comparing yourself to your colleagues and friends … Continued

Monday Motivation: Feeling Really Frustrated with Your Studies or Career Direction? Ask Yourself This Question.

  Are you feeling stressed or anxious about your current studies or career direction (or lack thereof)?  If so, you might want to ask yourself an important question.   Are you living in line with your values?   This question … Continued

Monday Motivation: Unload the Old & Invite in the New

  We tend to hold on to things that we don’t really require anymore. Perhaps we hold on to them because we are lazy, or perhaps it is because sometimes getting rid of something old is hard to do. Sometimes … Continued