Love Tip Tuesday: Say AND not But.

    “I love you, but I hate it when you do that.” “Thank you, but you really shouldn’t have…” “You’re a really thoughtful and caring person, but I don’t think we are right for each other.” “I hear what … Continued

Love Tip Tuesday: (Re)Connect with Who Is Behind the Mask

Without realizing it, we tend to define ourselves and others not by who we are, but rather by what we are. This ‘what’ is our ‘mask.’ We allow for our clothes, our status, the type of people we socialize with, or the academic degree … Continued

Monday Motivation: Keep Going!

  “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” the popular saying by William Edward Hickson goes. It is very reasonable and understanding to want to quit or give up when pursuing our life, career, health, and even relationship … Continued

Monday Motivation: Focus on What You DO Have

In life we usually tend to focus on what is missing in our lives. Perhaps we are not making as much money as we would like to be making or do not yet have the job that we would like … Continued

My Elevator Pitch Fail. What Went Wrong?

  Last week I was honored and delighted to speak at the AACI Jerusalem Professional Women’s Forum. I had a wonderful time meeting incredible, motivated, passionate, and inspiring women, and presenting practical tools for gaining real self-confidence, overcoming self-doubt, and … Continued

Monday Motivation: Stop ‘Trying’, Start Committing

“I’ll try to get it to you by tomorrow.” “I’ll try to be in touch.” “I’ll try to get it done.” When it comes to commitment, “try” is that lovely word that keeps that back door open and serves as … Continued

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