Monday Motivation for Young Professionals: Stop Trying to be the Best or Better than. Do this Instead.

[Scroll down to watch me share the back story to this tip.]   Do you find yourself competing with others around you either at work or in your own personal life? Are you comparing yourself to your colleagues and friends … Continued

Monday Motivation: Stop Thinking About What You Wish Could Have Been

  “If only I had a better roommate…” “If only I had a better job…” “If only I had more money…” “If only I had better parents…” “If only none of those terrible things never happened to me…” “If only … Continued

Monday Motivation: Why You Feel Overwhelmed and the Simple Things You Can do to Stop It.

  Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed?   Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the things you feel you must get done? Are you feeling overwhelmed because you have no clue which life or career direction to follow?   … Continued

Monday Motivation: Don’t Let What You Do Not (Yet) Know Hold You Back

  What is holding you back from launching your new business idea? What is keeping you from getting out there and getting that new job? What is preventing you from pursuing new relationships in your life? What is getting in … Continued