Monday Motivation: Why You Might Not Be Feeling So Motivated and How to Get Back on Track

  He made a committment to himself at the beginning of his week to get up early each morning and write. By the end of the week he reported back that although he used all the right language to commit … Continued

Why Be Yourself?

  The best thing you can do for yourself – your life, your career and your relationships – is to be yourself. That is your guaranteed path to your unique success in everything that you do.   Everything you require … Continued

Monday Motivation: Choose the Results You Want

  Early on in her coaching program with me, my client asked me if I had any tips to help her reach her long-term goals, which included incorporating lifestyle commitments that were important to her into her daily and weekly … Continued

Monday Motivation: Say Yes to YOU.

  “Every time you say yes to something you are saying no to something else,” I reminded one of my clients recently. In my meeting with this client, he mentioned how down and stuck he had been feeling for the … Continued

Are You Tired of Letting Yourself (and Others) Down?

  How many times have you told yourself that you want to do something and then you don’t do it?   How do you feel when you are not keeping your commitments to yourself and are not following through on … Continued

Monday Motivation: Stop Being So Hard on Yourself! 3 Steps to Get You Out of Your Downward Spiral & Moving Forward

  You want to move forward, but you are spending way too much time beating yourself up about what you were supposed  to do to get there; what you shouldn’t have done; and what you should have done instead.   And where are … Continued