Monday Motivation: How to Make Everyday a Good Day.

  Sometimes you might feel that others around you, or the circumstances happening around you, are making you feel a certain way. While this is true to a certain extent I would like to encourage and empower you with the … Continued

Monday Motivation: 3 Tips to Empower You to Apply for that Job or Summer Internship You Don’t Feel 100% Qualified for.

  You read the job description and you are feeling a little nervous because you are not quite sure you have all of the experience they are looking for in a candidate (OR you do and you are just feeling … Continued

Monday Motivation: Stop Thinking About What You Wish Could Have Been

  “If only I had a better roommate…” “If only I had a better job…” “If only I had more money…” “If only I had better parents…” “If only none of those terrible things never happened to me…” “If only … Continued

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