Monday Motivation: Keep Going!

  “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” the popular saying by William Edward Hickson goes. It is very reasonable and understanding to want to quit or give up when pursuing our life, career, health, and even relationship … Continued

Monday Motivation: You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Get Started

Often we might think that in order to get started, we must be perfectly ready to go.  This attitude and approach might be the thing that is keeping you stuck or lagging behind in you reaching your goals. Instead of … Continued

Get on Solid Ground: 2 Tools to Help You Overcome Your Self-Doubt So that You Can Start Moving Forward

I used to doubt myself all the time.  (Yes, me.  I am my own first client which is why I am so passionate about this work!) It seemed like an endless battle with me and myself; constantly questioning myself and … Continued