How to Get Back on Track When You Are a Young Professional Who Is Feeling on Edge

There are times when I find that I am feeling more on edge in my life. When I am feeling this way I lose my cool so much more easily. I don’t like losing my cool. I would much rather … Continued

Are You a Young Professional Who Is Feeling Off Track in Your Work? Here’s How to Get Re-Focused.

Are you are feeling distracted or off track in your job, studies, or your business?   I feel this way sometimes too.   Here is what I do and what you can do, too, to help you get re-focused, re-motivated, … Continued

Monday Motivation: You Are More Clear About Your Life Direction than You Think You Are

  You might think you are lost, but you are probably less lost than you think you are.   It is more likely that you are afraid to admit what you want. It is also more likely that you are … Continued

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