You will be a successful leader in your life and career when you are being authentic to who you are.

Are you someone who feels like you have been going wherever the wind takes you in your life?


Looking back on your life, do you find that you have been moving along more passively, not being or feeling fully in charge of the choices you have made or are making?



If so, what that might feel like is you sitting in the passenger (or back-seat) of the car of your life and not in the driver’s seat.



When we are not sitting in the driver’s seat of our lives, we tend to feel frustrated with we we are in our lives. We tend to doubt ourselves and our capabilities in making the right choices for ourselves.



I believe that in order to create success and fulfillment in our life, career, and our relationships, we must first become leaders in our own life.



When we do this, when we take full responsibility for our lives, our career, and our relationship moving forward and we feel empowered and capable of creating joy and success in all areas of our life.



I teach you how to be an authentic leader in your life. And if you have recently been promoted to a leadership role in your career (manager, CEO/business owner, team leader) or in your life (as a parent), I teach you how to be an effective and confident leader who is guided by your core values and beliefs so that you are always making the right choices and doing what is best for you in your life (or for your employees and team) and in your relationships.

In order to be an effective leader in you personal and professional life, it is essential that you:
  1. Become a proactive person who takes full responsibility for your life.
  2. Know who you are, which includes your qualities, values and beliefs.
  3. Have a good understanding of others, which includes their talents, strengths, qualities, interest, values and needs.
  4. Know how to communicate and building healthy relationships, and
  5. Understand your unique philosophy, vision and approach to how you live, love and work.
Through my self-leadership coaching, guidance, and training, I guide you to:
  • Becoming a proactive person who knows how to make choices and take action.
  • Discovering your core strengths and your unique approach to effective leadership based on your values and your philosophy. 
  • Understanding others, who they are and what their core strengths and needs are.
  • Becoming an excellent and effective communicator and builder of relationships.
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