In this video, Doron Honisgsberg, founder and CEO of Knotfire, describes why he feels it is essential that all startup founders develop themselves and their own leadership and leadership voice to be effective and successful.


“Jenny was an amazing mentor throughout the MassChallenge 2021 Program. When we first started, we didn’t have a clear goal, thus the process seemed blurry. Jenny helped us focus and define the expected outcome and the working steps to get to it.

Her expertise and knowledge guided our conversations, but more than information, her humanity and charisma were always searching for deeper meaning. She would read behind the lines, see our faces, questions and worries and bring it to the table in the most proactive way. After every session, we would have the feeling of having something “clicked”, it just made sense.

Jenny was always there, listening to anything we had to say, guiding us in the search for answers and reassuring our work. Every minute spent on call with Jenny was insightful.

I highly recommend mentoring/coaching sessions with Jenny when looking for answers beyond the obvious.”

~ Floretta Mayerson, Co-Founder, Violetta



“I am leading the team for 6 months, so I am not an experienced manager, that is why I found the coaching crucial at this delicate stage of team building and building a trust with the team. I found the coaching tremendously helpful on a personal level as well as on the professional level. At the end, we bring our personality to the work place, and you helped me to integrate my personal beliefs to team leading and understanding the special needs of each and every team member, which is very important, to find a way to approach people with different personalities according to their needs.

In addition, everything you said was accompanied with a lot of support and feeling of comfort, which gave me a lot of confidence in you and what you are doing and also self-confidence.

The only thing I would do differently for myself is to be more prepared for our meetings, I appreciate the fact that you understood the situation and did not judge but always knew to take the discussion to a productive place.”

 ~ Olga Nissan, Technology Manager, Ecophage



“I loved my coaching experience with Jenny! Her positive and wholly attentive attitude and theory-based approach was perfect for me. Occasionally it would take me a few weeks to fully understand the way she was recommending I look at / consider things but she was patient and happy to continue talking and exercising it out with me until I got there. The weekly written assignments were not easy for me but they were valuable. Jenny’s energy is truly infectious and as much as I would enter her office tired, distracted and unmotivated, I would leave thoroughly energized with clarity and calm, despite it being 9:45 pm after a long a busy day. I loved our conversations and will miss them very much!

Good luck, Jenny, with all future endeavors. You have a real gift and I admire you for recognizing it and putting it to good use.”

Dena S., Jerusalem, Israel


“First of all, thank you. I have learned invaluable information about myself, my husband and about relationships in general.  I think I was getting bogged down in the day-to-day and what needed to get done instead of nurturing my relationship. Just like the common phenomena of losing yourself when you have kids, I stopped prioritizing my marriage and only had on binoculars of “what needed to get done” and didn’t take a step back and enjoy my marriage. I have also learned important things about myself and my nature, and what do when I feel overwhelmed. I unexpectedly learned a lot about parenting and have applied a lot of what we have discussed to my children.

The coaching experience has been eye opening and nurturing.  Jenny I appreciated your ability to listen without judgement and help guide me to where I am now.”

~ Young Professional, Israel 


“I entered this coaching experience feeling lost, scared and worried about my future. I was afraid to even do it because I did not want to admit I needed help. Jenny was a hidden blessing of sorts. I started her program feeling lost on many levels, and although not all of those feelings are gone, I can honestly and wholeheartedly say this was one of the smartest things I did for myself. Jenny took the time and effort to empathize with me and was available at any time to help me and give me very practical tools to overcome. I do not think anything could have been done differently or better.”

~ Ilan, Queens, New York


 “Jenny, thanks so much for your time with me. I have improved greatly in the last few months with the coaching!”

M.A., Ma’ale Adumim, Israel


“I was given many tools to help me achieve my goals; and those goals I have not yet reached, I have the tools to eventually reach them all. I appreciated your gentle guidance and patience in the areas I felt stuck. Your program helped me move on from my past and live my truth. I am grateful for your realness. I am happy that I chose you to be part of my healing journey and thank you for going the way with me.”

~ B.B., Ma’ale Adumim, Israel


“The coaching experience was a journey for me. Coaching with Jenny enabled me to think for myself and about what I am doing and what is going on in my life. I found it to be a supportive environment as well as an insightful one. The process helped me reflect on past feelings and attitudes as well as current and future ones. The coaching experience opened my eyes to insights and ideas I never knew of. I appreciated that you were patient and found you to be good at reading my emotions. I found the whole program meaningful, worthwhile, and growth-oriented.”

Sarah, Young Professional, Israel


 “I think that even more than I realize, this coaching process has done tremendous things for me. [As a result of this process] I have started to take responsibility for my actions and decisions. Consciously, and subconsciously, I am making changes in my life that are 100% outcomes of what I’ve learned about myself in general, in this process. As a coach, I felt that you were easy to talk to without feeling judged.”

Young Professional, Baltimore, Maryland


“Jenny – I really liked that you were open minded and non-judgmental and that you adapted your techniques based on my feedback. I also like that you were open to speak in between sessions. I felt that you helped me listen to my own voice and learn new ways of thinking. I liked that you were flexible in your approach. [As a result of having done this coaching program with you] I am able to [now] listen to my own voice as opposed to getting drowned out by others. I am able to think more clearly about what I want because I have changed my frame of reference to be more focused on the present.”

~ Young Professional, Jerusalem, Israel


“I found Jenny exactly at the right moment in my life, and she really helped me to build a solid foundation in so many ways for embarking on the adventures that came during and after we began our sessions together. Jenny helped me to reconnect with my inner core and essence, rebuild and strengthen my relationship with myself, to feel confident in recognizing and honoring my needs and setting healthy boundaries, and she gave me many useful tools with which to plan and visualize my future and really take care of myself. She did all of this with cheerfulness and honesty, and I looked forward to our sessions every week. I really feel now that I have rediscovered the deceptive ease of living life as my honest and true self, and that I have many tools to continue this process into the future. She was also flexible with my schedule and willing to give me advice at any time of the day. I highly recommend her!”

Young Professional, Tel Aviv, Israel


“The coaching experience is an amazing experience.  I am a person who enjoys figuring out problems by talking to myself, and coaching reminded me of that a lot.  I felt that I could say what I wanted to, and then get the words that I was looking for or the correct way to get to the goal I  was trying to get to.  I felt that my coach knew me- could understand me. The way to get to understanding is by listening and respecting, and I definitely felt heard and respected. I left every session smiling, because I knew that I am getting somewhere.  First of all, I am getting heard, and just talking to someone who doesn’t tell me their opinions about me is an amazing experience. It’s to tell someone something without hearing them say “If I were you” or “I was in a similar situation.”

I think that this coaching experience was a wonderful experience for me, and if I had to choose again if I would do these sessions, I would say Yes, without a second thought. This truly was a blessing for me and I will remember and cherish this sessions forever. I got things I will never get anywhere else- from answers to questions, to tools, to just confidence.   I don’t know what words to use to thank you, but I do know that an author doesn’t feel more proud then when his books are read, and an artist when his art has been seen, and a teacher when his teachings have been understood, or a coach when they have brought their team to a win.  And your team has won.  First place.”
Avital Simckes, Chashmonaim, Israel

“Jenny, I appreciated your individual attention and constant presence.  You were there for me and truly wanted to hear what I had to say; guiding me with a solution while providing me with tools to apply to my future when I encounter and similar situation. You have a talent of making me feel at home and at ease and I truly felt comfortable talking to you.  You provided a warm and attentive environment, preparing and guiding me to the drivers seat of my life.  I realized through our sessions that I must be proactive and take responsibility for my actions.  I am most appreciative of the fact that from the outset you emphasized that in order to change it is only up to me and me alone, thereby relying on myself and no-one else.  Thank you!”

Y.S., Ma’ale Adumim, Israel


“Jenny played a major role in helping me to reach clarity about my personal values and boundaries that are important for me which helped me a lot to gain more confidence and to decide what I am passionate about, what are my goals in life and how to reach them. Throughout the process, Jenny was always attentive, sensitive and respectful to my needs and worked with me according to my pace. I grew up into a disturbed family and I had doubts at first that I would ever reach any clarity about what I want to do with my life but Jenny opened my eyes and guided me through the process of self discovery with patience and empathy. I knew that what I needed was some guidance- and not a therapy- and that’s exactly what Jenny did. She was the right answer for my self development and self growth. Thank you Jenny!”

Areen, Acre, Israel


“This coaching experience was a life changer for me. It taught me things that are very basic about my life, but that I never put much thought into – Respecting myself, understanding that what I do is my choice, “Me time”, staying in my business.  These lessons opened my eyes up to how much I can improve and enjoy my life, and how much I can enjoy connecting with people without it influencing my self-respect.  This helped me a lot at a very important transitional stage in my life from the army back to civilian life.

As a coach, you were very good in pushing me (both in the sessions and during the week) to be real about myself and not cover up on issues. I also liked that you knew not to press too hard on issues that can take a while to deal with, but you did follow up on them.”

 – S.M. –  Tel Aviv, Israel


“I came looking for myself.  My coaching has formed strength within me – I am loaded with tools which can apply across most situations.  They came from an inspiring coach [Jenny Sassoon] who showed me on the first meeting that I am in charge, I am responsive and I am worthy.  Throughout the tailored approach and sessions spread over more than 8 months, I have identified my purposes, qualities, and own worth.  At every stage and turn I was nurtured and inspired.  I appreciate Jenny and her perseverance, patience and brilliance.  I thank Jenny for ‘hearing’ me.  I am more aware and growing. 

The coaching facilitated my grief over the past and is enabling me to propel forward – to evaluate opportunities that have come from my increased awareness of my value as a woman and a mother.  Now when I correct myself I am proud – not self-loathing.  I feel more beautiful and the inner happiness is returning in me.  I am more independent of past frustrations.  I am grateful.”

 –  G.C., Jerusalem, Israel


“Coaching for me was energizing, uplifting, revelatory.  I looked forward to every session and did the homework willingly.  I appreciated Jenny’s deep interest in my success and follow-through with emails and phone calls.  I loved hearing her insights breaking through my blind spots and was refreshed by her amazing honesty.  I felt loved, valued and appreciated for who I am…and supported.  Jenny was respectful, positive, non-judgmental, resourceful with all her tools and resources such as books and handouts.”

  – S.S., Maale Adumim, Israel


“I really appreciate all the work and time [Jenny] put into the coaching sessions.  It helped me greatly in all aspects of my life and I hope to have another [coaching program] in my near future.  I was extremely pleased with [the program.]”

 – Marty Weisel, Maale Adumim, Israel


“This coaching experience was a tremendous life-changing experience. It made me realize that change was possible in our family dynamics by following the method outlined to us by Jenny and progressing systematically towards goals we decided on at the start. Working with the 7 steps, that first step of showing respect caused the most dramatic change. Although a bit awkward at first, using it in varying degrees with our different children [all of whom are men and women in their 20’s], the initial response and change in the atmosphere and the excitement in the house was amazing.

 Jenny provided support and a listening ear at all times, whether in the coaching session or through numerous emails and phone calls, while pushing ahead with the program.”   – H.M., Israel


One of the main “tools” I learned in coaching with Jenny was how to be a change agent in [my] life.  Even before I started to work on it I felt stupid and skeptical about how this will work.   I didn’t have a very close relationship with my parents and I was in a place of blaming people and things for stupid actions I was doing.  I kept comparing my life to others and telling myself I wasn’t good or worth much.  It came to a point to which I felt terrible about myself physically and emotionally and I need to do something.  I took Jenny’s advice and started to talk to my mother about little things in life, trying to show her I was also listening to her when she responded and the more I did that it became easier for me!   In the beginning I had to hold myself back from shouting or making her feel bad and getting angry.  After that I started using words of affirmation which made her feel good and respected and I suddenly felt the pressure roll off my back.  I was gaining her respect the more I showed her what I felt and told her in words if their was something that bothered me or made me feel like a little kid.  I started using this “tool” with friends with the same wonderful result and I feel like I’m a totally new person since then.  I am feeling so much better about myself also!   For that I am very thankful!

~ E.M., Ma’ale Adumim, Israel


“Jenny has helped me get in touch with my own inner voice and conscience. She helped me develop into a woman who makes pro-active, as opposed to re-active, choices. Jenny gave me the critical life skills to identify reactive thinking and chose to act pro-actively instead. She helped me overcome the many stumbling blocks in my path – all of which were actually inside of myself.

Thank you, Jenny, for your wisdom and listening ear.”

~ K.F., Ma’ale Adumim, Israel


“The coaching experience has been very positive for me.  You have been a great coach, and have made me very comfortable sharing things with you.  I appreciate all of your caring and listening.  I thank you very much because you have really helped me become more aware of things about myself, in general, and get to know myself better.  Thank you!

~ Lauren K., Ma’ale Adumim, Israel

[Four months later, I learned that Lauren is engaged.  I sent her an e-mail to congratulate her.  This is her response to that e-mail:

“its really funny how life works, b/c so many things have drastically changed since i spoke to you last, and its really crazy, but basically i feel that a few months ago i just wasn’t myself, and i hadn’t been myself for a while, and that is why i think things were so crazy and emotional for me at that time, and very soon after our last session my whole life did like a 180 degree turn.  So thank you so much for all your help and thank u for the mazal tov and all of your wishes!”


“Coaching with Jenny was a decision that I’m really happy I made.  She helped me see, think, and say things in a good different way! I learned a lot from the coaching.  I really just appreciated everything Jenny helped me with.  I would probably be a much different person now if if it wasn’t for Jenny’s help.  So thank you!!”

~ Y.A.,Chashmonaim, Israel


“[During my year in Israel] I was asking myself really hard questions like who I am and who I want to be, what I want to change and what I wanted to stay the same; and every time I came up with an answer, I felt helpless because I didn’t know how to approach the problem and change it. I wanted so badly to change my ways, but I felt that I didn’t have the means to do it.

[Then] Jenny came along and introduced coaching to me. Jenny didn’t come along and solve all my problems. Instead, she gave me the strength to believe that I had the answers within me all along. It was an idea that gave me confidence, and strength. It helped me value myself a lot more as a person. I felt alive and good about myself.  I found that during our phone sessions I was coming up with new understandings about myself and I made progress in my goals.

With coaching I was able to connect with myself. I slowly broke down the wall that was preventing me from being me. Coaching opened my eyes to a way where achieving your goals, although it won’t be easy, is possible.”

~ Teen, Los Angeles, California


“Jenny is unique in her ability to combine profound insight into human nature with a genuine warmth and caring approach.  At a time when one might feel the most vulnerable and lost, Jenny’s non-judgmental and skilled technique opens the door for self growth and the possibility for real change.

As an old, close friend and colleague, I continue to benefit from Janette’s ability to provide clarity, and new perspectives. Her uncommon ability to truly listen immediately puts me at ease.  Jenny’s subtle and intuitive guidance enables me to figure out my real thoughts and feelings, gain greater self- awareness and make strides toward effective and realistic solutions.  Her uncanny ability to understand and encourage helps me realize areas that both require further work and also acceptance and recognition.  Janette’s coaching continues to impact me and influence my own work as a clinical psychologist– I highly recommend her!”

~ Danielle Erez, Psy.D., Jeruslaem, Israel


“I have found coaching to be a very satisfying and rewarding experience.  Coaching empowered me to shift from being a person who has always “reacted” to someone who is now more proactive in creating the change that I want for myself and in my life.

By following the exercises and “homework” for the week, I learned that I can realistically set a goal and take steps in that direction.  Experiencing this has positively impacted my self confidence which, in turn, influences the way I think and feel even in areas not directly connected to the objectives I was working on.

Jenny has been the perfect coach for me.  Her manner was soft and pleasant; her questions always on target and thought provoking.  She was very instrumental in guiding me to work out realistic objectives and helped me remain focused on them throughout.  I always felt that Jenny was really listening to the words I was saying and to my tone and expression, as well.

I am deeply grateful that I have had these sessions which have provided me with the opportunity for personal growth and enrichment.”

~ Parent, Brooklyn, New York


“Janette is a warm, wise coach.  When you talk to her, you feel deeply heard.  And her questions go straight to the heart of the matter.

I sought Jenny’s coaching around a marriage issue.  She’s so spiritually grounded that when I talked with her, it was like talking to God – quiet, comforting, and full of love.

She sparked insight and awareness that has stayed with me ever since – so when the same marriage issue comes up, I remember what I learned during Jenny’s coaching sessions, and it is quickly resolved.

If you want to get “unstuck” in any life situation and you want someone who will listen attentively, coach you through it, and help you make enormous progress, I highly recommend Jenny Sassoon.”

Venus Taylor, Author/Speaker/Coach –  Dorchester, Massachusetts –