Are you feeling stuck or frustrated with your career or business direction?


If you are still searching…

Do you feel like you are wandering around aimlessly, trying to figure out the best career or business direction and next steps for you?


If you are already working…

Do you wish that you had more confidence at work and stopped doubting yourself all of the time? Are you suffering from what some call having an ‘imposter syndrome’?


Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others or think and believe you have to be like others you see as successful to be successful at your own job?


Are you experiencing a lack of fulfillment in your job? Do you want to be doing something else but are either feeling afraid to make that move, or have no idea which direction to go in?


I can help.


I used to be confused and feel frustrated about my career direction. I used to doubt myself and compare myself to others. I used to feel as if I had so much potential to thrive in my career, but I had no idea how to access or trust that potential. Even though I held degrees from excellent universities, received top notch training and certifications in areas relevant to my field, I still questioned myself. I found myself constantly asking my husband early on in our marriage for reassurance. I used to tell him that I felt that there was more for me, but that I doubted I would ever get to the place I wanted to be in my career.


That all changed once I did the following:

  • I let go of the pain and blame I was holding onto. This pain and blame is what led me to doubt myself and was getting in the way of my own success.
  • I took full responsibility for my life.
  • I learned to define myself not by what I was, but by WHO I was.
  • I became a proactive person (and stopped being a reactive person.)
  • I took control of my life.
  • I built my own self-confidence in a real way.
  • I learned how to communicate effectively and with confidence.


I could not have done this without learning these tools and skills.


Once I learned and incorporated these skills into my life, everything changed. I stopped doubting and questioning myself or my capabilities. I stopped comparing myself to others. I no longer wondered what my potential was. Instead, I simply started to clarify what I wanted, created goals for myself and started to take action. These skills that I learned only after graduating from graduate school and working in my field for a number of years, are skills and tools that I never learned at home, in school, in my graduate studies to becoming a social worker, or in any of my training before becoming a certified professional coach or in any of my jobs. I only learned these skills as I was training to become a professional coach. More importantly, besides for learning these tools and skills I made the conscious decision to incorporate these tools and skills into my life.


I believe that everyone requires these tools and skills in order to be successful and fulfilled in their life and career.


You don’t have to enroll in a coaching certification program or become a certified coach to learn them. I teach these tools and skills to you in my private coaching programs and courses so that you can incorporate them into your life and apply these skills and tools to help you be successful in your own career.

The tools and skills you will learn in one of my private coaching programs and courses include tools for:

  • Building real self-confidence.
  • Taking charge of and being in control of your life, and
  • Communicating effectively and with confidence.


Having these tools will allow you to:

  • Get clear and directed.
  • Stop questioning yourself, and instead focus on and accomplish your tasks and goals.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others and instead focus on yourself and all that you are capable of.
  • Be productive and inspired in your work.
  • Take action on projects and ideas.
  • Express your valuable ideas with confidence.
  • Effectively communicate your needs at work.
  • Build great relationships with fellow employees/team members.
  • Build a thriving and fulfilling business and/or career, consistently taking action and moving forward with confidence.


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“The coaching process with Jenny enabled me to rediscover my voice, and to redefine my “why”, the ultimate goals and objectives that lead my professional path. I finished each session with practical tools that allowed me to  come to work the next morning focused, re-energized and with a higher sense of self-confidence and belief in my abilities.” ~ Noa


“I found Jenny exactly at the right moment in my life, and she really helped me to build a solid foundation in so many ways for embarking on the adventures that came during and after we began our sessions together. Jenny helped me to reconnect with my inner core and essence, rebuild and strengthen my relationship with myself, to feel confident in recognizing and honoring my needs and setting healthy boundaries, and she gave me many useful tools with which to plan and visualize my future and really take care of myself. She did all of this with cheerfulness and honesty, and I looked forward to our sessions every week. I really feel now that I have rediscovered the deceptive ease of living life as my honest and true self, and that I have many tools to continue this process into the future. She was also flexible with my schedule and willing to give me advice at any time of the day. I highly recommend her!”

~ Y.P.


“[As a result of this coaching program] I now see myself as strong, capable and I believe in myself. I was  given tools that can help me get to wherever I need to get to in pretty much anything.” ~ Ma’ayan


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