Are you feeling stuck right now in your life?


Do you feel as if you are standing in front of a large field and you have no idea what direction to go in?


Are you feeling lost and confused about who you are, what direction to take your life or career, in, and what your purpose is?


Do you feel that you have tried all that you can to get yourself on track, but nothing has been working to get you where you want to be?


Do you feel that there is something more for you, that you have all this potential, and you just don’t know how to access it, unleash and direct it?


Do you find yourself getting anxious a lot, find yourself constantly doubting and questioning yourself and comparing yourself to others?


I can help.


When I was in my 20’s, transitioning to adulthood, and building my own life, family and career, I used to question and doubt myself all of the time. Even though I was on my way to a fulfilling career (one that I felt was right for me), and I had wonderful, supportive friends and family, deep down I was still so unsure of myself. I constantly doubted and questioned my abilities and my choices, and often compared myself to others. At the same time I knew that I was full of potential and wanted so much to be happy and fulfilled. The problem was I believed that I did not deserve to be happy. I believed that I was damaged in some way. I believed that good only happened to others, and success and joy simply were not in the cards for me.


This all changed once I learned powerful, effective, and practical life, relationship and business skills. These are skills and tools that I NEVER learned anywhere else; not in school, college, or graduate school, and not at home. By learning and applying these tools and skills in my life, I was able to let go of anger, pain and blame I had carried for most of my life. (At the time, I did not even think that was possible and resigned myself to the idea that I would live with anger, pain and blame for the rest of my life.) I learned how to take charge of, direct, and be the creator of my own life, my career, and my happiness. I am positive and grateful every single day. I feel in control of my life and of my time and make choices with confidence. Most importantly, I am happy and fulfilled and know how to create joy and fulfillment for myself.


How I Help You

In my private coaching programs I guide you to clarity and direction and to a better understanding and knowing of you. Like a puzzle, I help you put the pieces of YOU and how you do things together, in a meaningful and practical way. I then teach you practical tools for taking charge of your life, and effective and powerful communication. The knowing of you, coupled with these powerful and essential skills gives you the strong foundation you require to make the right choices; and create a fulfilling life, a purposeful career, and meaningful relationships.


I believe that no matter what you have been through, you can and will thrive in your life. I also believe that we are successful at what we do when we are authentic to who we are. When you know who you are, and what you believe and value, combined with knowing how to take control of your life and communicate effectively and with confidence, you will be clear, confident and directed. You will know what the right choices are for you to make for your now and your future, and you will have the tools to create joy and fulfillment in your life, career, and relationships.


These tools I teach you are not tools that are taught in schools or in the workplace. It is my mission to fill this gap of life-skills education and bring these tools to you so that you can be joyful and fulfilled in your life. Most importantly, my goal is to empower you. I don’t want you to be dependent on me (or anyone else.) My goal is to teach you these tools and guide you in incorporating them into your life in a practical way so that you have them for the rest of your life.


The result?

A ‘you’ who is confident, clear and directed; authentically creating fulfillment and success for yourself in all realms of your life, your career and your relationships.


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“Jenny played a major role in helping me to reach clarity about my personal values and boundaries that are important for me which helped me a lot to gain more confidence and to decide what I am passionate about, what are my goals in life and how to reach them.  I knew that what I needed was some guidance- and not a therapy- and that’s exactly what Jenny did. She was the right answer for my self development and self growth. Thank you Jenny!”   – Areen O.


“I started this coaching experience when I felt like I had reached a wall in my own understanding and my own self-expression. Though up to that point I worked very hard up to understand myself and live the life I wanted to be living, but I got stuck. I had a hard time understanding and expressing my feelings. I was struggling to understand my relationships and to know what steps to take to keep moving forward. Then I started working with Jenny. Jenny listened, and taught me tools to help me better understand myself, and put those understandings into words. She provided a safe and warm space where I felt I could share anything. In between sessions she was available if I was struggling, and during the sessions she was focused a present. Jenny helped me get to know myself and be able to put that knowledge into words, and share with others! My coaching experience was the greatest gift I could ever have given myself! I have unleashed myself! ” ~ Keren Berger


“This coaching experience was a life changer for me. It taught me things that are very basic about my life, but that I never put much thought into – Respecting myself, understanding that what I do is my choice, “Me time”, staying in my business.  These lessons opened my eyes up to how much I can improve and enjoy my life, and how much I can enjoy connecting with people without it influencing my self-respect.  This helped me a lot at a very important transitional stage in my life from the army back to civilian life.” – S.M.


“In one coaching session with Jenny Sassoon, everyone remarks that she’s the real deal. She’s an inspiration. She models what she teaches, and makes everyone feel safe and at home. Jenny never demands from a person anything that she doesn’t demand from herself. Her pinpointed questions help people to make conscious and confident choices in their lives, their professions and their relationships. I can assure you that she makes you feel like you’re the most important person in the room. You’ll walk away feeling refreshed, empowered and enthusiastic about connecting with the people you love the most and achieving your life’s goals.” – Shimshon Meir Frankel


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