Are you feeling frustrated and unhappy in your current friend, family, or intimate relationship(s)?


Are you feeling stuck with your current dating or relationship direction?


Are you afraid of making the wrong choice(s) when it comes to who you date or who you choose to be in a relationship with?


Do you find it hard to express yourself and your needs on your job, with your colleagues, or with your friends?


Are you finding it hard to express yourself in your intimate relationships?


Do you find that you keep surrounding yourself and attracting the wrong people into your life (i.e. people who do not share your values or respect you)?


Do you wish the people in your life knew how to show you the respect you feel you deserve and gave you the support you feel you require?


I can help.


I guide you to clarity and direction in your relationships. I teach you the essential skills that you require to make healthy and good choices about your relationships. I listen to you and guide you without judgment toward clarifying for yourself who you want to date, be in a relationship with, and the types of people you want to surround yourself with. I also empower you with the tools to create great relationships; relationships where there is mutual respect, and where you and your loved one(s) are receiving the support and love that you desire and require.


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“One of the main “tools” I learned in coaching with Jenny was how to be a change agent in [my] life.  Even before I started to work on it I felt stupid and skeptical about how this will work.  I didn’t have a very close relationship with my parents and I was in a place of blaming people and things for stupid actions I was doing. I kept comparing my life to others and telling myself I wasn’t good or worth much. It came to a point to which I felt terrible about myself physically and emotionally and I need to do something. I took Jenny’s advice and started to talk to my mother about little things in life, trying to show her I was also listening to her when she responded and the more I did that it became easier for me!  In the beginning I had to hold myself back from shouting or making her feel bad and getting angry.  After that I started using words of affirmation which made her feel good and respected and I suddenly felt the pressure roll off my back.  I was gaining her respect the more I showed her what I felt and told her in words if their was something that bothered me or made me feel like a little kid.  I started using this “tool” with friends with the same wonderful result and I feel like I’m a totally new person since then.  I am feeling so much better about myself also!  For that I am very thankful!”

~ E.M.


“First of all, thank you. I have learned invaluable information about myself, my husband and about relationships in general.  I think I was getting bogged down in the day-to-day and what needed to get done instead of nurturing my relationship. Just like the common phenomena of losing yourself when you have kids, I stopped prioritizing my marriage and only had on binoculars of “what needed to get done” and didn’t take a step back and enjoy my marriage. I have also learned important things about myself and my nature, and what do when I feel overwhelmed. I unexpectedly learned a lot about parenting and have applied a lot of what we have discussed to my children.

The coaching experience has been eye opening and nurturing. Jenny I appreciated your ability to listen without judgement and help guide me to where I am now.”

~ Young Professional


“Coaching for me was energizing, uplifting, revelatory. I looked forward to every session and did the homework willingly.  I appreciated Jenny’s deep interest in my success and follow-through with emails and phone calls.  I loved hearing her insights breaking through my blind spots and was refreshed by her amazing honesty.  I felt loved, valued and appreciated for who I am…and supported.  Jenny was respectful, positive, non-judgmental, resourceful with all her tools and resources such as books and handouts.”

– S.S.


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