Enroll in a journey of self-discovery &
self-leadership and move forward with lasting confidence, direction, fulfillment and success in
your career, business, leadership and life.

Hi, I’m Jenny Sassoon, Social Worker, Certified Coach, and founder of UnleashingU! 


I specialize in guiding you to moving forward and thriving in your career, business, leadership, and life through reconnecting you with your core essence and values, guiding you to discover your strengths and your unique approach to creating fulfillment and success for yourself, and teaching you how to master the essential mindset and communication skills you need to be successful at work and life.

“[UnleashingU! Coaching] is a program of reconnecting to who you are and living life based on that…because there really is no other way to live life in a healthy way.”

~ Young Professional

UnleashingU! Professional & Personal Development Coaching
& Leadership Training is for you if you are a

Young Professional

 who is feeling stuck or lost and seeking support, guidance, clarity, direction, and confidence with regards to your next steps moving forward in your career and/or your personal life and relationships.

Seasoned Professional

who is at a crossroads, feeling stuck, and/or seeking direction and fulfillment in your career or life and want to be confident, successful, and fulfilled professionally and personally. 

Startup Founder or Business Owner

who is at the early stages of building your business or startup and wants to be confident, focused, effective, and successful as you continue to build, develop, run, and lead.


who is feeling overwhelmed, and sometimes lonely at the top, and is seeking support, guidance, and empowerment to be confident, effective, balanced, and successful in your role as a leader.

“Jenny has helped me get in touch with my own inner voice and conscience.
She helped me develop into a woman who makes pro-active, as opposed to re-active, choices.
She helped me overcome the many stumbling blocks in my path – all of which were actually inside of myself.
Thank you, Jenny, for your wisdom and listening ear.” ~ K.F.

The work that we do together is outcome-based,
goal oriented, non-judgmental, and customized to you.

First you outline the outcomes you want to achieve. I then guide and support you in achieving those outcomes. 


Throughout the process I guide you to reconnecting with your essence, understanding yourself, discovering your strengths and your unique path and approach, and help you overcome your limiting beliefs, and whatever is keeping you stuck, or holding you back, from thriving. 

I also empower you with the essential leadership and communication skills that enable you to be confident, proactive, effective, and successful in your professional and personal life.

“Jenny played a major role in helping me to reach clarity about my personal values and boundaries that are important for me which helped me a lot to gain more confidence and to decide what I am passionate about, what are my goals in life and how to reach them.

I knew that what I needed was some guidance and that’s exactly what Jenny did. She was the right answer for my self development and self growth. Thank you Jenny!”
Areen O.
~ Researcher & Therapist

The result is a you who is:

Clear, focused and confident.

A you who knows, respects and values yourself, knows what value you bring, and leads from, and with, your strengths.

A you who is empowered and knows your mission and your purpose. A you who has the tools to communicate effectively, and be successful and fulfilled at work and in your personal life and relationships.

“Coaching helped me navigate my negative thoughts that were holding me back from achievement.
I appreciated Jenny’s authenticity, professionalism, and determination to help me work
towards my goal. I highly recommend coaching with her.”
R. F.
~ Artist/Business Owner

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