Feeling lost or lacking in confidence at
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Hi, I'm Jenny Sassoon

Founder of UnleashingU!

Are you at a turning point or at the start of something new in your life, your career, or your relationship?

Are you feeling anxious, stuck, or inexperienced?

Are you constantly doubting or second guessing yourself?

Do you wish you were clear, directed, and felt confident moving forward?

I specialize in helping you discover and clarify your unique direction.

I also empower you with the skills you require to be successful on your path.


I specialize in working with

Young professionals/

Who are at a transition point in their life, studies, career or relationships and are seeking clarity and direction moving forward.

New managers & executives

Who have recently taken on, or have been promoted to, a management position and want to be effective and successful in their new role.


Who have recently opened a new business and are feeling anxious or scared and want to gain confidence and clarify and/or strengthen their direction, mission and message.

New parents

Who are embarking on their new role as parents and are feeling anxious and a bit lost. These parents want to clarify and strengthen their parenting approach and direction so that they can be clear and confident parents.

Newly Engaged or Married Couples

Who are embarking on their new relationship together and want to gain the tools and skills to create a strong, healthy, and loving relationship moving forward.

My Services Include

Private Coaching

If you experience self-doubt, find yourself comparing yourself to others, or feel stuck or frustrated in your life, career, or relationships, private coaching will help you gain clarity and reach your personal and professional goals. Along your journey, you will also gain practical tools for building real self-confidence, being a change-agent in your life, making the right choices, and communicating with confidence.

Executive/Management Coaching & Consulting

If you are a CEO, manager of a team or a business owner, you know that it is not easy to be at the top. You may find that you are experiencing challenges you had not expected. Consider these challenges an opportunity to stretch and grow in ways you never thought possible. I guide you through these challenges and provide you with the support you require to lead with clarity and confidence and feel balanced.

Empowerment Groups & Leadership Training

Enjoy learning and training with others? Empowerment & Leadership Training groups are designed to help you gain the leadership and relationship skills you require to be confident, directed, assertive, clear about your choices, and communicate effectively. The group experience allows you to learn with others, build lasting friendships, and receive the support you require to stretch grow, learn and become a confident leader in your life, career, and relationships.

My clients achieve real results and so can you.

Read more success stories here.

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