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I will help you gain confidence, control and direction by teaching you practical tools and reconnecting you with your authentic self.

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What clients are saying

“I now have the tools to get to wherever I need to get to in pretty much anything I do. Thank you Jenny!” ~ Ma’ayan, Israel

“[As a result of this process] I have started to take responsibility for my actions and decisions. Consciously, and subconsciously, I am making changes in my life that are 100% outcomes of what I’ve learned about myself in general, in this process.” ~ Young Professional, Maryland

“Jenny helped me to reconnect with my inner core and essence and rebuild and strengthen my relationship with myself. She gave me many useful tools with which to plan and visualize my future and really take care of myself. She did all of this with cheerfulness and honesty, and I looked forward to our sessions every week.” ~ Young Professional, Israel

“Jenny, you guided me with a solution while providing me with tools to apply to my future when I encounter a similar situation. You have a talent of making me feel at home and at ease and I truly felt comfortable talking to you. You provided a warm and attentive environment, preparing and guiding me to the drivers seat of my life.” ~ Y.S., Israel


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