Are you embarking on a new life, career or relationship path?

Together we make transitioning easy, empowering and enlightening.

Hi, I'm Jenny Sassoon
Founder of UnleashingU!

Transitioning to a new beginning can feel scary. It can make you feel suddenly incapable, inexperienced or anxious.

I believe that you have your own unique way

in which you approach everything you do.

You have  a philosophy that guides your choices.

When you are connected

to who you are and understand how you approach the things you do, you have clarity and direction for the life, career and relationship path that is most correct for you.

Furthermore, you have the confidence you require to be successful in all you do.

I reconnect you with who you are

your approach and your philosophy

And empower you with a firm foundation of skills we all require

to be successful, joyful and fulfilled

So that you transition to your new beginning with success and confidence.

These are all the ways I can help you

Private Coaching

My private coaching programs are customized to you. On your coaching journey I support and guide you without judgment to helping you reach your desired personal and professional goals and transition to your new beginning successfully. On your path you will also gain the skills to build a firm foundation for your success moving forward.

Management Coaching & Consulting

I guide and mentor you toward being the successful leader and manager you want to be. Through my authentic-based process you will gain the direction, clear vision, and the confidence to lead effectively, bring out the best in your team, and reach your desired professional and organization/company goals.

Leadership Training

Provided to both individuals and to groups/teams, my Leadership Training Courses empower you with the firm foundation to be a successfully transition to your new path or role as a leader in your life and your career. Gain the necessary skills to: define and express your core strengths, get proactive, take action, and communicate with confidence.

Programs/Services Structure & Design

If you are a business owner or manager, one reason you might be holding yourself back from moving forward, unleashing, and launching your programs is that you do not know how to structure the services you provide. Structuring and organizing come easily to me. I will guide you to structuring and organizing your programs so that you can start offering the great services you have to offer and start making an impact.

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