Jenny Sassoon, MSW, CPC - Career & Leadership Coach, Leadership Trainer

I empower you to go from confusion, struggle and self-doubt to direction, confidence, fulfillment and success in your career, business and relationships.

Are you feeling lost, stuck or confused about your direction, about what brings you fulfillment, or how to be and do your best in your career or in your personal life? 
Do you have a difficult time hearing your own voice and knowing what is right and best for you? 
Do you find it hard to believe in yourself or in that you deserve to be joyful, successful and fulfilled?


Do you have a strong desire to finally be free of all of this confusion and struggle and be confident, clear, successful and fulfilled in your career and relationships?
I know what that’s like and have been there myself. 
I also learned how to free myself from the confusion, lack of clarity and direction, and self-doubt I was living with. I then learned how to find my direction and create joy, success and fulfillment for myself in my life, career and relationships, in a way that is authentic to me.
And now, as a social worker and professional certified career, leadership and relationship coach, I help you do the same. 

“Jenny has helped me get in touch with my own inner voice and conscience.
She helped me develop into a woman who makes pro-active, as opposed to re-active, choices.
She helped me overcome the many stumbling blocks in my path – all of which were actually inside of myself.
Thank you, Jenny, for your wisdom and listening ear.” ~ K.F.

What happens during the course of an UnleashingU! program?

“[UnleashingU! Coaching] is a program of reconnecting to who you are and living life based on that…because there really is no other way to live life in a healthy way.”

~ Young Professional, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Process

In your personalized and customized coaching program, or course, you outline the outcomes you want to achieve. I then coach and guide you to achieving those outcomes. Throughout the process I empower you with practical tools for you to reconnect with your essence, take ownership of your life, and communicate effectively and with confidence.


This leaves you with a firm foundation for your success and fulfillment moving forward, one that will last you a lifetime.

“Jenny played a major role in helping me to reach clarity about my personal values and boundaries that are important for me which helped me a lot to gain more confidence and to decide what I am passionate about, what are my goals in life and how to reach them.

I knew that what I needed was some guidance and that’s exactly what Jenny did. She was the right answer for my self development and self growth. Thank you Jenny!”
Areen O.
Researcher & Therapist

At UnleashingU! you achieve confidence, focus, fulfillment and success by developing...

A Deeper Understanding of Yourself

Know your unique talents, strengths, needs, mission and purpose, and the value that you bring to your work and personal relationships. With this knowledge, you will be confident, directed and know what brings you fulfillment.


A Self-Leadership Mindset

With this mindset you will get past blaming, complaining and being reactive. Instead you will have the tools to turn challenges into opportunities and proactively  create joy, fulfillment and success in your career and your relationships.

Essential Communication Skills

With these foundational communication skills you will know how to express yourself effectively and with confidence and build healthy and successful relationships both at work and in your personal life.

The Result

Once you go through this process and adopt these skills, the result is a you who is unleashed.

A you who is free, motivated, clear,
directed and confident.

A you who knows, respects and values who you are, knows what value you bring and how to manifest your strengths.

A you who is empowered and knows your mission and your purpose and what you want and how to go about creating the career and relationships you love.

“Coaching helped me navigate my negative thoughts that were holding me back from achievement.
I appreciated Jenny’s authenticity, professionalism, and determination to help me work
towards my goal. I highly recommend coaching with her.”
R. F.
Artist/Business Owner

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