UnleashingU! programs and services include 1:1 private coaching, leadership training and development, and workshops and trainings for employees and teams.

Browse the following menu of services and choose the one that best suits your, or your team's, needs and goals.

1:1 Coaching

Whether you are a young professional just starting out, or a seasoned professional, entrepreneur or leader, you will benefit from this thorough and thoughtful process that lasts anywhere from 4 to 12* (or more) sessions (you choose). In these private 1:1 sessions, geared to your career, business, leadership, or life, I guide you through an inside-out/authentic-based approach to help you discover your professional and/or personal direction and gain a strong understanding of yourself and what you require to be successful and fulfilled. In addition to this you will gain essential leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence skills that will lead you to being clear, confident, effective and successful not only in your career, company, business, and leadership, but also in your personal life and relationships. 

[*One-off sessions are also an option if that is what your need is right now.] 

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Leadership Training & Development

Provided to groups or on a 1:1 basis

Whether you are a student interested in leadership, a professional seeking to develop your leadership skills, an entrepreneur or executive who wants to sharpen your leadership approach and lead authentically and effectively, this course is for you. The UnleashingU! Leadership Training Program guides you through three modules, moving you from basic to advanced levels, to help you discover and hone your leadership voice and brand, strengthen your confidence and decision making skills, and sharpen your communication proficiency –  everything you require to be a successful leader, or ‘self-leader’, at work and in your life.


Workshops & Trainings for Your Employees & Teams

Hire me to inspire, motivate, and teach your employees and managers how to take personal responsibility, be proactive and productive, unleash their talents and strengths, support one another, and communicate effectively. 

Click here to see samples of webinars and workshops.

The essential skills and tools you gain in all UnleashingU! programs and courses are:

A Strong Understanding of Yourself

Know your unique talents, strengths, needs, mission and purpose, and the value that you bring to your work and personal relationships. With this knowledge, you will be confident, directed and know what brings you fulfillment.


A Self-Leadership Mindset

With this mindset you will get past blaming, complaining and being reactive. Instead you will have the tools to turn challenges into opportunities and proactively  create joy, fulfillment and success in your career and your relationships.

Essential Communication Skills

With these foundational communication skills you will know how to express yourself effectively and with confidence and build healthy and successful relationships both at work and in your personal life.

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