I have always known, even as a child, that (when ‘I grew up’) I wanted to help people.  I have always believed in people.  I believe that each person has unique gifts and strengths and I am dedicated to helping each person discover and embrace those strengths and empowering them with the practical tools to actualize those strengths in the world.  I have also always been fascinated by relationships and learning about how to create great, healthy, and long-lasting relationships with either our significant others, our parents, our friends, and our children.

I began my journey into learning about human nature and personal development in college, and received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Brooklyn College, City University of New York.  I had an excellent educational experience in college and worked diligently studying the different subjects I so enjoyed learning more about.  I was humbled when I learned that I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa Honor’s Society, an honor one has to be nominated for by one’s academic professors, upon graduation.

After college, I was torn between either continuing my education in psychology or exploring the world of social work.  Knowing myself and my desire to get my hands ‘dirty’ and do some ‘in the trenches’ work right away, I chose to pursue a Masters Degree in Social Work.  I was happy with my choice (it was a good one for me) and I received my Masters Degree in Social Work from  Columbia University where I concentrated in counseling, research, and program development for families and children.

After graduate school, I continued to enhance my education and learning and attained certification in the following areas:  Domestic Violence Prevention, Child Abuse & Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, Elder Abuse Prevention, Program Design and Development for Persons with Development Disabilities, and Conflict Resolution with At-Risk Youth.  I continued my formal education by pursuing and attaining advanced Life & Relationship Coach Certification from the Academy for Family Coach Training where I was personally trained by Diana Sterling, author of the Parent as Coach Approach.

My experience includes working with young adults and families in various settings, including summer programs and sleep-away camps, shelters for homeless families, schools, and individual and group counseling.

I now have and run my own business/practice where I am honored and humbled to be doing the incredible work I get to do everyday; help individuals get to know, embrace, and love who they truly are, discover their talents, gifts, and real wants, and empower them with the tools to make their dreams come true – in their lives, their careers, and their relationships.   I also make the time to continue to develop myself, both personally, and professionally, as I believe that learning about oneself, how to overcome our personal challenges, and continuing to develop our gifts and strengths is an ongoing and exciting journey.


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