I once struggled with a lot of confusion, lack of belief in myself, anger (at myself and others) and blame. I thought and believed that I would have to live with that struggle, confusion, and self-doubt my whole life because that was my lot. 

I then learned the essential tools and skills that finally set me free and led me to carving out my own fulfilling life, career, and relationships for myself.

Now, with my 20 plus years of experience as both a social worker and a professional certified career, leadership and relationship coach, I teach and guide students, professionals, executives and entrepreneurs, like you, to be clear, focused, confident, successful and fulfilled in your career, business, leadership and relationships, from the inside out.

How I Overcame Abuse & Took Back My Personal Power and Freedom - Sharing My Personal Story at TEDx

What I Believe

I believe we are successful at what we do when we are authentic to who we are and take ownership of our life.


This is the philosophy that guides me in my own life, and all the work that I do and the private coaching, workshops, courses, training, talks, and consulting that I provide to professionals, students, managers, and teams.


This philosophy is based on the belief that we live, love and lead with confidence, clarity and success in our life, our jobs, and our relationships when we are being, relating, and working in alignment with who we are – which includes our nature, values, beliefs, and our needs – and when we operate from a leadership-mindset.


My Professional Bio - The Short and Longer Version


The Short Version:


I hold a Masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University and Advanced Professional Coach Certification from the Academy for Family Coach Training. I have over 20 years of experience working with individuals and groups from varying populations, including families, teens at-risk, students, young professionals, seasoned professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Besides for working privately with, and providing training to, professionals, students, leaders and teams, I am also a mentor at Mass Challenge Israel, an accelerator for startups all over the world, where I provide training, mentoring and support to founders and CEO’s of startups.

The Longer Version – My Professional Journey


I began my professional journey as student at Brooklyn College, City University of New York, where I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree is Psychology. It was there that I was also inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Honor’s Society.


After college, I was torn between either continuing my education in psychology or exploring the world of social work. Knowing myself and my desire to get my hands ‘dirty’ and do some ‘in the trenches’ work right away, I chose to pursue a Masters Degree in Social Work.  I was happy with my choice (it was a good one for me) and I received my Masters Degree in Social Work from  Columbia University where I concentrated in counseling, research, and program development for families and children.



After graduate school, I continued to enhance my education and learning and attained certification in Domestic Violence Prevention, Child Abuse & Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, Elder Abuse Prevention, Program Design and Development for Persons with Development Disabilities, and Conflict Resolution with At-Risk Youth.



I continued my formal education by pursuing and attaining advanced Life, Career & Relationship Coach Certification from the Academy for Family Coach Training where I was personally trained by Diana Sterling.



My early career experience includes working with young adults and families in various settings, including summer programs and sleep-away camps, shelters for homeless families, schools, and individual and group counseling.



I now have and run my own business/practice where I am honored and humbled to be doing the incredible work I get to do everyday; help individuals get to know, embrace, and love who they truly are, discover their talents, gifts, and real wants, and empower them with the tools to be confident, clear and directed and creating success and fulfillment in their life, career, and relationships.  



I also make the time to continue to develop myself, both personally, and professionally, as I believe that learning about oneself, how to overcome our personal challenges, and continuing to develop our gifts and strengths is an ongoing and exciting journey.