As someone seeking career coaching or guidance at this time, you might be at a crossroads, transition, or new beginning in your career or your life. With this you may also be doubting yourself, feeling stuck and confused, feeling unfulfilled in your current position or role, or interested in being more confident and improving your performance at work, or all of the above. 

You may also be feeling frustrated, stressed, and unsure about how to go about improving your situation, figure out your purpose or which direction to go in, understand your value or your worth, and how to feel more satisfied and fulfilled. 

How UnleashingU! Career Coaching can help you


Through 1:1 coaching, I support and guide you through a process of self-discovery and self-leadership that brings you to understanding yourself, your gifts, talents, strengths, values, and needs, clarify which direction is best and right for you and brings you fulfillment, helps you to know and understand your purpose and your value, and brings you to a higher sense of self-confidence.

I also empower you with the tools and skills you need to be successful at work and in life, such as being proactive, creating healthy boundaries, making decisions, communicating effectively, and navigating challenges successfully and with confidence. 


Read what others have gained through UnleashingU! Career Coaching

“The coaching process with Jenny enabled me to rediscover my voice, and to redefine my “why”, the ultimate goals and objectives that lead my professional path. 

I finished each session with practical tools that allowed me to come to work the next morning focused, re-energized, and with a higher sense of self-confidence and belief in my abilities.”

~ Noa

“I loved my coaching experience with Jenny! Her positive and wholly attentive attitude and theory-based approach was perfect for me. 

Jenny’s energy is truly infectious and as much as I would enter her office tired, distracted and unmotivated, I would leave thoroughly energized with clarity and calm, despite it being 9:45 pm after a long and busy day!” 

Dena S.

“I liken this coaching experience to ‘swimming lessons.’ I had previously done work on myself to ‘get
to the surface’ and now I was at the point where I was ready to learn how to swim. You helped me
do just that. The starting point was where I was currently holding and we took that and moved

~ D.D.

Is this process right for you?


Schedule a time to chat with me. 

This gives you the opportunity to learn more about me, my approach, experience, and expertise, share more with me about your challenges and/or the goals you want to achieve, understand more about the process, and ask me any questions you have. That way you’ll receive all the information you need to know if what I offer is right for you. 

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