Therapeutic/Life coaching is ideal for you if you are seeking an outcome-based/goal-oriented approach to overcoming negative beliefs and moving forward in your life in a powerful and proactive way. Clients who enroll in a therapeutic coaching program are seeking the next level in their healing process and are interested in focusing on, building, and creating the present and future that they want. What’s holding them back is the uncertainty of how to do this. 

If this is you, UnleashingU! Therapeutic Coaching is for you. 

How UnleashingU! Therapeutic Coaching can help you

Through 1:1 coaching, I support and guide you through a process that empowers you to let go of your past, and any internal stumbling blocks that continue to get in your way, and start taking charge of your life. As you set goals for creating the present and future you would like to have, you will learn how to define yourself by who you are (instead what you are or what you have experienced in your life), build real and lasting confidence, clarify what you want for yourself, learn how to be a creator and change-agent in your life, and take the steps to creating the life and relationships you want for yourself.


Read what others have gained through UnleashingU! Therapeutic Coaching

In our initial meeting, you explained that you see a person as a whole, and with that you “bought” me.

You helped me to understand where my behaviors came from and how to change them, which helped me tremendously both in my professional, as well as in my personal life.

I appreciated how attentive you were to my needs and helped me figure out and get to the core of any personal  problem I brought up in our sessions.

Your summaries of each session, and having easy access to them, were and are a big help for me.

Thank you!”

~ Julie P.

This coaching experience was new to me. I went into it not knowing exactly what it is and being scared that it will just add more stress and commitment to what I already have on my hands.

With the first two sessions I saw a huge difference in everything! Most of the things we worked on felt very natural and came more easily than what I expected, which made me more confident in the process and what we might achieve.

I appreciated a lot how you were very accepting and appreciated every little thing I did and used it to help me move forward. 

It was a very different approach that I’ve never experienced before and haven’t realized how much I needed it. This helped me relieve stress and actually motivated me to do more.”

~ Y.P.

“I liken this coaching experience to ‘swimming lessons.’ 

I had previously done work on myself to ‘get to the surface’ and now I was at the point where I was ready to learn how to swim. You helped me do just that. 

The starting point was where I was currently holding, and we took that and moved forward.”

~ D.D

Is this process right for you?


Schedule a time to chat with me. 

This gives you the opportunity to learn more about me, my approach, experience, and expertise, share more with me about your challenges and/or the goals you want to achieve, understand more about the process, and ask me any questions you have. That way you’ll receive all the information you need to know if what I offer is right for you. 

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