It can be lonely at the top. 

With all of the major decisions being yours to make it can feel stressful, especially if running and managing a business, company, organization, or team is new to you. 

With this you may be feeling pressure and a strong desire to succeed (and not mess up). With a team to guide, supervise, and train; a budget to manage and expand; a board of directors to work with; and a company, organization, or business to continue to develop and grow, it can feel very overwhelming at times. 

You may also struggle with creating a balance that is healthy for you; find it challenging to create healthy boundaries; have difficulty asserting yourself or communicating; or find it hard to make time for you and what is meaningful for and fulfilling for you

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UnleashingU! Leadership Coaching

Via 1:1 coaching, support, and guidance that is customized to you and your personal and professional needs, or through a series of workshops (depending on which you prefer), I guide you through a process that empowers you to develop into a confident, clear and effective leader and provides you with the foundation you need to move forward successfully and authentically.

Through reconnecting with yourself and your core essence and values, you will discover and develop your strengths and your unique leadership style, approach, and voice. You will also have clarity about your business, company, or organization’s vision, mission, and goals, ensuring that you lead and continue to grow and develop your business, company or organization effectively.

In addition to this you will gain the essential leadership, emotional intelligence, and communication skills you need to manage your stress, communicate effectively, navigate challenges efficiently, hire the right people, create healthy boundaries and balance, and skillfully manage your employees and teams.

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from UnleashingU! Leadership Coaching

“My coaching experience was very helpful. First of all, you are a very dedicated professional, putting your heart to your work. This gave me the feeling that I have support in the process, and you have my

I especially appreciate that you gave more than the standard, supporting me offline by phone when necessary.

I feel that I received the tools necessary for me to better understand people now and in the future and this gives me confidence to continue dealing with future challenges that involve interaction and management of other people.”

~ A.A.

Doron Honisgsberg, founder and CEO of Knotfire, describes why he feels it is essential that all startup founders develop themselves and their own leadership and leadership voice to be effective and successful.


“I am leading the team for 6 months, so I am not an experienced manager, that is why I found the coaching crucial at this delicate stage of team building and building a trust with the team. 

I found the coaching tremendously helpful on a personal level as well as on the professional level. At the end, we bring our personality to the work place, and you helped me to integrate my personal beliefs to team leading and understanding the special needs of each and every team member, which is very important, to find a way to approach people with different personalities according to their needs.

In addition, everything you said was accompanied with a lot of support and feeling of comfort, which gave me a lot of confidence in you and what you are doing and also self-confidence.”

~ Olga Nissan

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