As a young professional you may be just starting out on your career and ‘adult life’ path. 

If you are feeling stuck at this new beginning, you are not alone. 

Many young professionals at this stage are working out how to figure out what’s next and which direction to go in, either career wise or in their personal life and relationships. 

It’s a time that can feel frustrating, overwhelming, scary, and lonely, especially if you are comparing yourself to others who seem to have it ‘all figured out’, and if you want to move in the direction that is right for you, but you don’t yet know what that is, or how to go about discovering that. 

How I help you

Through 1:1 customized coaching (either in person or virtually), I guide you through a process that is open, respectful and nonjudgmental that helps you discover and reconnect with your inner voice, core essence, and values, and brings you to clarity and the direction that is right and best for you. 

I also empower you with the tools, knowledge, and skills to build a higher sense of self-confidence, know your value and your purpose, make the right choices for yourself, communicate effectively, and navigate challenges successfully.

Read how other young professionals have benefitted from UnleashingU! professional and personal development coaching

“I entered this coaching experience feeling lost, scared and worried about my future. I was afraid to even do it because I did not want to admit I needed help. Jenny was a hidden blessing of sorts. I started her program feeling lost on many levels, and I can honestly and wholeheartedly say this was one of the smartest things I did for myself.

 Jenny took the time and effort to empathize with me and was available at any time to help me and give me very practical tools to overcome. I do not think anything could have been done differently or better.”


“I found Jenny exactly at the right moment in my life, and she really helped me to build a solid foundation in so many ways for embarking on the adventures that came during and after we began our sessions together.

 Jenny helped me to reconnect with my inner core and essence, rebuild and strengthen my relationship with myself, to feel confident in recognizing and honoring my needs and setting healthy boundaries, and she gave me many useful tools with which to plan and visualize my future and really take care of myself. 

She did all of this with cheerfulness and honesty, and I looked forward to our sessions every week. I really feel now that I have rediscovered the deceptive ease of living life as my honest and true self, and that I have many tools to continue this process into the future. 

She was also flexible with my schedule and willing to give me advice at any time of the day. I highly recommend her!”

~ Y.P.

“I appreciated how you were always patient for me to speak and express what I was thinking, feeling, and struggling with. 

I always felt comfortable to say what I was feeling and without judgment. 

I liked how the conversation was always directed to a productive place and I always knew what I was to do until the next time we met so I was always making progress.

The tools you gave me were effective and not too hard or overwhelming. I really liked how we went over the takeaways at the end of each session because that really helped me process it all and feel confident that I understood what I learned and what I was going to do.

I wish the sessions could have been longer because I really just enjoyed them!”

~ S.M.

Is this process right for you?


Schedule a time to chat with me. 

This gives you the opportunity to learn more about me, my approach, experience, and expertise, share more with me about your challenges and/or the goals you want to achieve, understand more about the process, and ask me any questions you have. That way you’ll receive all the information you need to know if what I offer is right for you. 

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