Building and running a startup or business, especially in its early stages, brings with it many challenges. While you may be an expert in your field, running a business, or being in a leadership position, might feel very new to you.

With that can come feelings of self-doubt and a lack of confidence in yourself as a startup founder, business owner, or leader.

Along with this you may also be experiencing imposter-syndrome from time to time, find that you have difficulty communicating or presenting yourself, feel confused at times about the direction to take your business or startup in, which impacts the choices you make, and struggle with setting healthy boundaries. 

You may also feel that you lack the skills to market, and/or sell yourself or your products or services successfully. 

Get the support and guidance you need with UnleashingU!
professional and personal development coaching & leadership training

Via professional development and leadership training customized to you and your personal situation and needs, I guide you through a process that empowers you to develop into a confident founder, business owner, and leader, and provides you with the foundation you need to move forward successfully and authentically. 

Through reconnecting with yourself and your core essence and values, you will discover and develop your unique leadership style, approach, and voice. You will also clarify your mission, vision, and goals and the direction to take your business or startup in, ensuring you make the right decisions moving forward. 

In addition to this you will gain the essential leadership, emotional intelligence, and communication skills you need to run, lead, and grow your startup or business successfully; market, present, and sell authentically, and with confidence; communicate effectively; hire the right people to partner with and work for you; and skillfully manage your employees and teams as you continue to develop and grow your business. 

Hear how other entrepreneurs have benefitted from UnleashingU!
professional development and leadership coaching and training

In this video, Doron Honisgsberg, founder and CEO of Knotfire, describes why he feels it is essential that all startup founders develop themselves and their own leadership and leadership voice to be effective and successful.

“When we first started [working with Jenny] we didn’t have a clear goal, thus the process seemed blurry. Jenny helped us focus and define the expected outcome and the working steps to get to it.

Her expertise and knowledge guided our conversations, but more than information, her humanity and charisma were always searching for deeper meaning. She would read behind the lines, see our faces, questions and worries and bring it to the table in the most proactive way. After every session, we would have the feeling of having something “clicked”, it just made sense.

Jenny was always there, listening to anything we had to say, guiding us in the search for answers and reassuring our work. Every minute spent on call with Jenny was insightful.

I highly recommend mentoring/coaching sessions with Jenny when looking for answers beyond the obvious.”

Floretta Mayerson, Co-Founder, Violetta

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