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“I now have the tools to get to wherever I need to get to in pretty much anything I do. Thank you Jenny!” ~ Ma’ayan, Israel

“[As a result of this process] I have started to take responsibility for my actions and decisions. Consciously, and subconsciously, I am making changes in my life that are 100% outcomes of what I’ve learned about myself in general, in this process.” ~ Young Professional, Maryland

“The coaching process with Jenny enabled me to rediscover my voice, and to redefine my “why”, the ultimate goals and objectives that lead my professional path. I finished each session with practical tools that allowed me to come to work the next morning focused, re-energized and with a higher sense of self-confidence and belief in my abilities.” ~ Noa, Jerusalem, Israel

“Jenny, you guided me with a solution while providing me with tools to apply to my future when I encounter a similar situation. You have a talent of making me feel at home and at ease and I truly felt comfortable talking to you. You provided a warm and attentive environment, preparing and guiding me to the drivers seat of my life.” ~ Y.S., Israel


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