Love Tip Tuesday: SHOW Your Love


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anyone can tell you they love you



It is true what they say, Action does speak louder than words.  


When you want to show someone you care about how much you love them, find out how they like to be shown love and then do that.

And when you want someone you care about to show you love, let them know how it is you like to be shown love.

Some might say that telling others how you want them to express love to you isn’t romantic. The deepest connection between two people, however, is grown out of the mutual sharing of your truth and vulnerability (within the safe space you create together.)

Stop guessing. Be real and ask.

Stop waiting. Be real and let the other person know what it is that you want.


Answer these questions to help you gain more clarity about how you like to be shown love and how you might show your partner love:


How do you like to be shown love?

How do you show love to those you care about?

How will you show love to someone this week?


Be in touch with any questions or comments.

In support of and in awe of all that you are,







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