Are You Speaking Your Child’s Love Language?

I have been reading “The Five Love Languages of Children” and I am loving it!  Reading it and applying my new learning is significantly impacting the way I show love to my kids.  And I am noticing a change in their behavior as well.  They are feeling our love and responding so well to it.

The basic rundown of the five love languages is that everyone has a specific love language – and when spoken to in that love language, the other feels your love in the most significant way.  The five love languages are:  Physical Touch; Words of Affirmation; Gifts; Acts of Service; and Quality Time.

Everyone requires to be spoken to in all of these ‘love languages’ but when their own love language is expressed to them – it shouts love to them!

To find out more about “The Five Love Languages” go to  Take the 30 second test to find out more about what your love language is (I learned that mine is Quality Time.)

I intend to read “The Five Love Languages” for couples next and looking forward to it!

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  1. Venus Taylor

    I’m adding this book to my Amazon Wishlist. I’ve read the regular version, but not the “…of Children” version.

    Thanks for this recommendation.
    (BTW, my Love Language is Quality Time, too.)


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