3 Creative Ways to Plan for a Positive & Fulfilling New Year


As 2020 comes to an end you may be thinking about what the year 2021 will look like.


While there are still so many unknowns about what this coming year will bring, and while many things seem very much out of our control, there are still ways we can be self-leaders and stay positive, feel in control, and create a fulfilling year for ourselves.


In an effort to help you create positivity and fulfillment this coming new year, I’ve compiled the following three exercises for you to help you plan and get yourself ready, and in the right mindset.


1. Your Core Values Poster


I created the poster below to depict how our core values serve as our beacon and our guide to making the right choices, creating healthy boundaries, and to give us clarity and direction in our life, our work, and our relationships.


The image below shows my core values.


Core Values Poster Jenny Sassoon


Using our values as our guide can also help us find our way whenever we get off track or feel overwhelmed and confused.


Writing out my values helped me realign with what matters to me most, which filled me with a renewed sense of clarity, confidence and direction.


I created an image/worksheet for you too, with blank ovals that you can print out and fill out with your core values.


Core Values Poster worksheet


To download and print your Core Values Poster worksheet, click here. Feel free to share it with others too.


Note: Sometimes people have trouble figuring out what their core values are, especially when they have other people’s ideas, thoughts and opinions in their head. If this is you and you want to clarify what your core values are, I can help you. Click here to schedule a session with me.


2. Your 2021 Treasure Chest


I use this exercise often with my clients to help them sift through all of the things they want to leave out from their past, for example, and clarify and decide what they want to keep in, or bring into, their present and their future.


2020 Treasure Chest Exercise


To do this exercise, make a list of the things you can remember that you experienced, felt, heard, understood, did, and thought over this past year.


For each item on your list, carefully ‘sift’ through each and decide what aspect(s) of those experiences, feelings, behaviors, understandings and thoughts you would like to incorporate into your own life moving forward into 2021, and what you want to leave out.


In the box entitled “What I am choosing to bring with me into 2021” add everything you want to ‘keep and bring into’ your 2021 Treasure Chest.


Add whatever you want to leave out in the ‘What I am choosing to leave out” box.


Note: Instead of writing all of this out you can also flush this out in a conversation with someone you trust if that works better for you to help you gain clarity. Do whatever works best for you.


To download and print your 2021 Treasure Chest Worksheet click here.



3. Your 2021 Vision Board


Source: Sarah Prout


A vision board is a visual depiction of the things and situations you want to have and experience. Generally, a vision board is a collage of images and words that describe what you want and how you imagine you would feel if you were to experience those things. 


The philosophy behind the vision board is that thoughts impact feelings, which impact action, which leads you to creating/manifesting what you want. Your vision board also helps you to stay motivated and focused on those things.


To learn how to create an effective vision board, click here to read how the team at arrowXmoon share how to do so. There is also a tremendous amount of information online on how to create a vision board that works and the many different ways to create a vision board. Click here to view Lifehack.org ideas, or here for 51 vision board ideas by developgoodhabits.com


As you will see, there is no one ‘right’ vision board. You get to create yours in a way that is authentic to you and that is in alignment with your nature (which, as you already know, I am a big proponent of :).


Which creative exercise will you choose to do?


Which of these worksheets and creative exercises most resonates with you?


Which one will you be putting into practice to help you best prepare for this coming new year?


I’d love to hear your answers. You can send me an email here to let me know.


If you are interested in working through these, and other personal development tools and exercises, together, contact me here to schedule your complimentary consultation.


Sending you warm wishes for a 2021 that is filled with clarity, confidence, good health, joy, fulfillment and success!


In support and admiration,

~ Jenny

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