Love Tip Tuesday: Be Present

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In yesterday’s Monday Motivation blog post, I wrote about taking control over your time, instead of allowing your time to control you. [Click here to read yesterday’s post.] In today’s post I will address how to make the most of your time and how to apply this tool in dating and your relationships.

I have found that the best way to make the most of ‘time’ is by being focused on one thing at a time and being present while doing it.

It is very common for us to be thinking about what we have to do next, or how we think we should be spending our time instead. We are living in a day and age where time seems to be moving so incredibly quickly. New technology and information is being spread and shared in real time and at lightning speed. We feel pressured to know what is going on at any given moment and to respond right away when we receive a text or an email out of fear that we are missing out on the most recent new development, or possible opportunity. If we are constantly doing this, however, we are constantly and consistently being inefficient, less productive, and missing out on the full experience we could be having.

When it comes to dating and relationships, when we are distracted and focused on other things and not being present, we are missing an opportunity for meaningful connection.

To make the most of your time with another person (be it your date or your partner, sibling, friend, or even your co-worker, or the person you are sitting next to on your commute) make the most of your time together (even if it is brief.). Clear your mind and get present. Put away your phone or tablet and anything else that is serving to distract you. Don’t think about what you have to get done later or what you think you should be doing instead. Take a deep breath, focus on what and who is right in front of you, relax, and connect. The more focused and present you are, the more efficient and meaningful your connection will be.


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Being present will not only bring you success in dating and relationships. You can apply presence to all areas of your life. Doing so is more likely to lead you to being more productive and successful in all that you do.


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