Monday Motivation: Take Control of Your Time

How often do you find yourself saying the following about ‘time’?


“There just isn’t enough time!”

Time is flying!”

“I don’t have any time!”

Time is running out!”


When you talk about time this way, what you are really doing is giving ‘time’ a hard time. (Poor time. What did ‘time’ ever do to you?!)

When you think about it a bit more deeply, you will realize that ‘Time’ isn’t doing anything wrong. ‘Time’ is just there, doing it’s job, moving along as it should.

All of our negative associations with ‘time’ makes us blame ‘time’ or use ‘time’ as the excuse for us not getting things done. This reactive approach to ‘time’ also gives ‘time’ control over us, instead of the other way around.


What is a better way for you to approach time?


Get proactive. Instead of allowing time to control you, you choose what you want to do with the time you have. Stop blaming time, and instead start taking control of it.

[Click here to read more about how to get proactive in your life.]

“Stop Giving Time a Hard Time!”


We each have a certain amount of time during our day, depending on when we choose to wake up and when we choose to go to sleep.

Begin with the end in mind and think about how much time you want to use to get things done. Think about (and perhaps jot down) what you want to get done during that time. Think about what hours of the day you are most efficient and what the best times are for you to do the various activities you would like to be doing. Take action and follow-through on doing what you said you want to be doing.


[Click here to read more about what you can do with your time when you are feeling overwhelmed.]


Tune in to tomorrow’s blog post where I will briefly discuss How to Best Make the Most of Your Time.


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